When mom bows out of camping

The family is getting ready to go camping in a few days.

I’m not going.

I was on the fence leaning toward not going but now I’m convinced that a week at home by myself will be more of a vacation for me than hanging in the forest with the bugs. I mean, I love the place, I’ve been up there before, but I won’t love it for a week. Maybe a weekend.

And preferably in early fall, not when it’s a gazillion degrees of humidity.

My 10yo daughter is unhappy about me staying home, but not so unhappy that she doesn’t look forward to going.

My son doesn’t understand my reasons.

I have become, in recent years, a self-proclaimed higher-maintenance girl than I used to be. I mean, I didn’t always have all these needs and wants, I used to live out of a suitcase when I was a flight attendant, was a starving student with nothing for years, and I managed just fine.

But aging isn’t for wimps. And I’m getting wimpier with age, it seems. 🙄

So today after I returned from food shopping, I saw the ladder dropped down from the bedroom ceiling – we have an attic up there that is similar to a crawl space. The middle part where the roof meets into a point, like a triangle, is tall enough for us to stand in but the bulk of the area is just tall enough to store a long line of bins and boxes. Our architect reinforced the floor so we can store seasonal items up there, like camping, life vests, or Christmas and Halloween decorations, and be assured the ceiling won’t collapse.  I would not enjoy waking up to cackling witches and the stupid elf on the shelf crashing on top of me in the middle of the night. 🙂

I’m very happy to have that stuff stashed out of my way now. When the kids were younger, before the reno, we had everything piled in bins along hallways. It was very stress-inducing.

While they’re getting things ready for their trip I’m trying hard to maintain a sense of calm. This kind of disarray is hard for me. But I will give credit where it’s due:

When he came down with all his fishing stuff, and suggested he find a corner on the main floor to put it for a day, I immediately felt all tense and irritated. It could have easily turned into an argument but he sucked it up and brought it down to the basement. Frankly, the steps from there to the driveway versus the steps from the main living area to the driveway are the same, so why have it up here in my way? Our home is open concept but not large, my office corner is here, we eat here, we watch tv here…and he knows, or should know, that a pile of non-belonging stuff will cause me stress.

It’s crowded enough as it is here now with all four of us home all the time, each with their assorted belongings they’re currently playing with.

And it would have been more than a day, it would have been two and a half days.

*shudder*  😛

To thank him for changing the temporary location to the bottom of the basement steps I made him a gourmet chicken sandwich. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m reflecting on just how long I will be able to keep my motivation up while they’re gone. I have a pretty long list of things I want to accomplish, so the trick will be to stay off the laptop for a good portion of the day. My best and favorite writing time is mornings, but I also do my banking and other associated household or activity planning then, when my brain is fresh. In less than a month hockey season begins again, as does house league baseball, and then school and his work shortly after that…

But I digress…

So this is my day today: trying hard to stay out of his way as he’s concentrating on what to pack for their trip, and not letting the trail of stuff that gets left here and there affect me (too much).

And blogging about it. Ha. 🙂




8 Replies to “When mom bows out of camping”

  1. Our kitchen has been taken over with a mound of crap to do with the summer-camp my other half helps run for the last month. I have no illusions that the mound of crap will be there for several weeks now. It’s almost like I’ve blocked it from my vision – I just don’t see it any more. So yes – I understand all about your reaction to the fishing gear.

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