Fresh summer herbs: frozen basil ice cubes

My basil is exploding.

I’ve been harvesting and eating it in salads and on pizza and things, and we’ve even started snipping some on top of fresh pasta or other cooked dishes. But there is so much of it! YUM!

There are other herbs that are growing well too, like the tarragon, and the mint.

So I started freezing them in ice cube trays, with a little bit of water.

Oops. Spelled tarragon wrong. πŸ˜›

When they freeze solid, I put them into a freezer baggie, label them, and come winter time I will pop them into my sauces, stews and other dishes for extra fresh summer flavour.

Some herbs simply do not taste as fresh, or potent, when dried. Basil is one of those…and tarragon too.

Mint is another herb I prefer fresh to dry. In fact, the minty ice cubes go well in iced-tea…with a slice of lemon. Come to think of it, I could slice some lemon in with the mint…

Where’s the lemon slices? Add to shopping list: lemon.

Herbs I dry are oregano, thyme and savory. Although I do freeze savory as well…

I use a sanitized glass jar. You can use any kind, like jam, mustard, other condiments.

Leave the leaves of your dried herbs as large as you can and crumble them between your fingers immediately before you’re using them during cooking. This will preserve their scent longer, and release it into your food creations.

Just a little summer project to keep me tending my greenery outside. πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Fresh summer herbs: frozen basil ice cubes

  1. Your basil looks amazing. Mine is improving. That takes a lot of care. Your garden is inspiring me. One of the good things about Florida is that we can grow herbs all year. When you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s it is easy to pick out the newcomers as they are the ones with the winter clothes and lots of plants and a big giddy smile on their face.

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