How to find an accidentally deleted published post

I just deleted my last post, the one where I was annoyed. 🙂

I hit trash in mobile and off it went. When I looked at the trash can in mobile, and on the laptop, it wasn’t there.

My post is gone. With all your comments! Anyone know any deep WP secrets to retrieve it?

Edited to add: thank you to my village for helping me figure it out! You know who you are…I have the blog post back but without the comments and likes…I will figure that part out later. And maybe this post and its comments will help you out next time something like this happens. 🙂 In the meantime, my advice is this: back up your work.


34 thoughts on “How to find an accidentally deleted published post

  1. Yes back up, when I log on I enabled the two step security, first I write the password then WordPress text me a digit passcode………… very useful saves someone guessing your password and wreaking havoc……………. hopefully it works!

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    1. That’s where I’m looking…I also realized just now that I never backed up my content. The WP export option is free and creates an XML file…so I guess I’m backing up my content now.

      I’m still looking around. Thanks for getting back to me. I figured if anyone can find it it’ll be you! 🙂

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      1. I wrote a Python Script that neatly turns a WordPress export file in year and month subfolders with the text of posts saved as markdown files, if you ever want a copy of it 🙂

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      1. My mom emailed me the subscription she received in email and if I click that in mobile it’s there, the entire post plus comments and likes. But it’s not ‘editable’ nor can I get back to admin or the trash can. It’s just a screen that hasn’t been deleted but can’t be found anywhere else. It’s weird. (And it’s not a big deal, I’m just not doing anything else right now so I’m fooling around with this)>

        If I open the same email from mom on my laptop it’s not there. Only in mobile (like you said).

        Anyway, if I can just figure out this one thing….then I’ll go pour myself a nice big spicy bloody mary or something. 🙂


      2. In a mobile sign on do you not have the drop down in “blog posts” of published, trashed and drafts? Or is it just not there?

        Yeah, what youre seeing will disappear. I still see it too.


      3. I can screenshot you what im talking about if you dont see it. It should be at the top of the list of current blog posts “published” with a little drop down carrot next to it

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      4. I have an Android phone, might be different from yours, but I figured it out. Might be useful though…perhaps we should write a how to blog post. Lol…


      5. Hecks no…had Galaxy for years and years now.

        Sorry i couldn’t be mo’ helpful! WP has been giving me the shim sham double posting my stuff, posting without consent, double and tripling my photos, erasing text on posts, and spamming me to high heaven. I’m fairly adept here and they are still making it IMPOSSIBLE! So…something is going on. Be careful out there!

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      6. Yeah I used to do that too, email myself. Must get back in the habit.
        I do know WP has an export function and you can choose a post at a time I believe….


      7. Thats how I got my RiverRunners copied. I exported it out to google drive when I shut it down, then imported it under my current page. Its on private as a subpage now. I havent thought about exporting the recent ones individually to save but its a good idea 🤔

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      8. I never fail to back up work stuff when I freelance. Tells me some things about myself. My blog is important to me, even when some of it is drivel….I should back it up. Value it more. You know?

        Good chatting with you!


      9. Haha, it’s not drivel! I think we just get focused on posting our thoughts and well…we SEE it all there and don’t assume it will ever go kaput. Honestly I probably wont end up backing anything up until I close the page 😂😂

        You as well! 🤗🤗🤗

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