Mood changes: from pleasant to annoyed

Today, I’m annoyed.

This didn’t happen immediately upon waking up, nor did I expect to feel annoyed later. We actually had a fantastic weekend, and I had a good sleep, woke up in a pleasant mood, had coffee while everyone else slept in, and bonus: the outdoor public pool was open and lessons a go. It had maintenance issues most of last week, cancelling lessons and swim club twice, which annoyed me then.

But not this morning. This morning I was in a happy mood.

It wasn’t until I left for an errand that a teeny, tiny speck of annoyance crept into my conscience. Grabbing my cooler and reusable bags I announced to the family they should empty the dishwasher and clear the counter.

“I’m coming back with groceries in a few hours,” I said. “Make sure you get to it”.

They were all plugged into their respective screens.

I went about my business and came home to two eating lunch at the table and one eating on the floor in front of the TV.

I look at the counter. Breakfast dishes and an assortment of drinking glasses were by the sink above the dishwasher. Lunch stuff was on the island counter. Dishwasher door was slightly open, enough to see that there were dishes inside.


The dishwasher was not emptied.

“Oh, I told them to do it after lunch,” one of them said.

Futile, I thought. I was out for over two and a half hours.

I look at all the food I brought in, at least half of it needing immediate refrigeration. Not all of it fit in the cooler as I had the smaller car with the smaller cooler and the car was hot. I was worried about spoilage.

They sensed it, I think.

They sensed the Mama Ain’t Happy vibe giving rise to an inevitable eruption.

They all spring into action, and we trip over each other while I try to rescue the dairy in the large bag, and the cheese and ice cream in the other…

Annoyed. Mama is feeling quite annoyed.


I like order and organization. I like putting my stuff away in such a way that I only have to do it once, not rearrange it later to make room or for convenience. This is why I wanted the counter next to the fridge cleared up so I could leave all my stuff close and do it quickly. Instead, I had to walk around other bodies, and wasn’t able to leave the fridge doors all the way open. The whole thing was going to take twice as long, and I would have to rearrange it again, later, after they went back to their devices.

“Forget it,” I huffed after I put the milk and cheese away, and went into the bedroom to watch daytime TV. The yogurt and ice cream will have to wait.

I reflected briefly at a conversation I had with my boy just a couple of days ago. “How come you get mad at us,” he wanted to know.

Doesn’t look like it’s sinking in.


4 thoughts on “Mood changes: from pleasant to annoyed

  1. I feel your pain!!!
    I do 90% of the housework, I don’t ask a lot from my husband except any outside work and to occasionally help with some mopping & minor repairs. I brought home a box of puppy pads and I looked in the kitchen where we keep our dogs and saw there was an accident. I cleaned it up but the floor was dirty, so I asked hubs if he would be kind enough to mop the kitchen for me if I swept. He said he’d do it today, I swept, he didn’t mop. Next day…rinse…repeat. This went on for 3 days until I finally blew my top. He must have seen the look in my eye when I came into the kitchen because he immediately began sweeping & mopping the floors…siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh….so I was finally able to put the new pee pad down and of course, my little girl shih tzu runs over and relieves herself on it IMMEDIATELY. I can’t win for losing…

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