Summer vacation: a little less parenting, an averted mini-crisis, and a lot of heat

Summer vacation so far has been hot! 🌞 β˜€πŸ”₯🌑

I am not complaining at all but so thankful for air conditioning. Right fellow North Americans? πŸ™ƒ

The a/c is not about keeping the house cold, or even cool, but rather the humidity levels low. This is key, I think, to keep tempers under control, what with all of the togetherness in our tiny house.

I don’t even like it when the house gets too cold. All that stale air…

The outdoor pool had a broken pump on day 2 of lessons, and day 1 of swim club. That was incidentally the day the city of Toronto decided to extend pool hours due to extreme heat warnings, which in our case was moot since the pool was closed for maintenance.

Some beleaguered parents with tots in tow were unimpressed. I just nodded politely at the very hyper teen lifeguard who injected ‘like’ after every third word while trying to explain her frustration at the lack of communication from the maintenance crew.

“We were told they’ll open this afternoon,” she said. “Like, they just called us, like, ten minutes ago and said, like, no, the pump is still broken.”

I was hoping for lessons this morning, but wasn’t holding my breath. I really want the routine of our mornings to continue…and, lo, I’m sitting poolside typing this post! 🏊

Other than that we’ve been hanging around indoors, letting them plug in, and puttering. Until my daughter announced a craving for chocolate cake.

She searched for a recipe for which we had all the ingredients in house and baked us a lovely, moist, two-layer chocolate cake with homemade frosting.

They also made water balloons and whacked them with a plastic toddler baseball bat. 😁. Who said tweens and teens are only interested in screens? Once they took the hose they got all kinds of creative.

Then, everyone but me forgot that teen boy has a baseball game, and by the time I realized that the male elements in this household were not on the ball with time management, I turned into that mom – you know the one I’m talking about:

“If I don’t remind people no one remembers!”


“There’s a reason you have the teamsnap app on your phone. I even go to the trouble of posting the schedule to the wall! What are you crashed on the couch for?”


“Where’s your dad? I thought he was taking you?”

I just wish for a little more practicality, not to mention incentive and proactivity to be part of their, namely my son’s, consciousness. It’s his sport, after all.

I ended up having to drive the boy to his game, since his dad was at the neighbors’ talking about our still broken fence. He must have lost track of time. Lucky for us the diamond was local, a seven minute drive, which was very helpful in our last minute panic. My son sat beside me in the van and shoveled leftover pasta salad into his mouth. Managed to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the game.


I dropped him off and went back home. I was in the middle of a gardening project when I realized no one getting baseball equipment out of the garage, and since I was under the impression the boys were going themselves, I wouldn’t need to. I wanted to finish my thing so I came home. I’ll take in the next game.

But in the end the day was saved and he came home with a win, which after a string of losses was kinda nice.

I wonder if this was a lesson for them to plan better. I’m the only natural planner in this house, they don’t much like to do this, prefer to roll with it more, fly by the seat of their pants so to speak, so perhaps another couple of close calls like this are in order to prove my point.


Taking a few steps back to let them rise to their own occasions, with potential of late arrivals or missed opportunities, might be just the thing that’s needed prior to heading back to very heavy scheduled hockey season in a couple of months…


Wonder if I can do it, this stepping back a little.

And so we trek on through our first week of summer vacation. Some plans are in the works for the next two weekends, which will bring us to the middle of July.

And how is your summer going? How are you managing the weather in your location?

12 thoughts on “Summer vacation: a little less parenting, an averted mini-crisis, and a lot of heat

  1. It’s been crazy hot, we β€œhad” to turn off our AC a few days ago because of some leaking and the plumber hasn’t shown up yet…it got sooooo hot inside, horrible. Lucky it cooled down a bit yesterday, but it’s on the rise againπŸ˜₯
    Anyways I love summer!😊😎

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  2. You really know it’s summer here in Oz when no cold water comes out the cold tap for months. Just warm yuk and the AC cant cope ! Would love to be home in London now though as it is Winter here 90kmh winds and not 33 degrees and England in the Quarter Finals …what an atmosphere that would be !! Keep cool if you can.xx

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  3. Norway, hot, cold, then hot again, and cold.
    By the time you have installed the AC you’ll need a fireplace. But you don’t manage to install any of them due to a incoming cold that has built up after several days of shifting temperatures.
    Other than that it’s a beautiful country πŸ™‚
    (sorry for sounding discontent, but today I woke up to 10degC / 50deg F, yesterday I was chilled by the AC in my car due to high temp)

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    1. One of my high-school friends lives in Norway. She lived in Canada through high-school and university and went back to Norway after. I remember her stories of your beautiful country. πŸ˜‰.

      In Canada we use Celsius but the Americans don’t, still use Fahrenheit. I grew up in Switzerland with the metric system so Fahrenheit, and the imperial system, is hard for me.

      Thank you for commenting! I just turned the air conditioner off, the humidity passed in with last night’s thunderstorms!!

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      1. I can’t disagree that Norway is a beautiful country πŸ™‚ Canada is as well πŸ™‚ Had a trip there in 2016, visting both Edmonton and the Rocky Mountains. Hoping to come back someday.

        I’ll use the metric system from now on πŸ™‚

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  4. Welp, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival HOME of my child, who is also my sidekick and motivation to go and do things besides sit at home and sigh about the heat. The temps weren’t unbearable today, and this evening was actually quite pleasant, in the shade.

    And yes, I think stepping back is good for everyone. People who need to learn to step up and those who don’t learn how to not make everyone else’s problems THEIR problem. Natural consequences are my favorite. 😁

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  5. It’s really really hot. And the compressor broke on one of our air conditioners. It’s being fixed tomorrow, but it hasn’t been fun…we go away in a few weeks…alas…to places warmer than it is here!! I know…I’m whining!!

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