Summer vacation: some work, some play and an unpleasant surprise

Home ownership and parenting is not for wimps. That is probably the only lesson that’s stuck over the years… 🙂

It feels a little different from years past, this summer vacation thing. The kids are older and more independent, and yet still childlike in some ways.

They’re not yet working regularly.

They still want to have family vacations, and do summer things like go to the public pool with friends, hang out.

The older kid wants to collaborate with his friends on the PS4, naturally, with less restrictions than during the school year. This presents both a challenge and a blessing in disguise of sorts for us parents. He’s occupied with friends, just not in the traditional sense. Takes a bit of getting used to.

The other one flits from friends to friends. 🦋

Both kids have to continue pitching in with household work, that’s been established right from day 1.

So the one kid is in the basement, the other off doing her extroverted thing. It’s all good.

Us parents are decompressing. It’s been a long school-work-hockey-then-baseball season…we need some downtime.

Today is day 3. But today is still part of the long weekend (yesterday was Canada’s 151st birthday) so we’re still in the early stages of getting used to summer vacation.

🇨🇦 🎂 🇨🇦 🎉🇨🇦

There’s a lot of relaxing.

There’s a lot of eating.

There’s a lot of reading (mostly me), watching some World Cup soccer, puttering.

But of course, as these things go, there was an unpleasant surprise at the end of yesterday and that caused a bit of a ruckus.

Long story short, I was cleaning the hockey gear area close to the furnace closet when I slid open the door to put away the hockey sticks and saw a wet spot in the corner. Right behind the furnace.

Home ownership is a pain in the ass.

I called the husband down, told him to bring a flashlight, and we determined it was the drain pipe that was dripping.

“Must be blocked”, he said.

“Where’s the plumbing snake”, he said next.

This unleashed major agitation in me because once again it became clear that my method to keep like things together to facilitate action in exactly these types of circumstances proves the point I’ve been trying to make all these years. I want to go to one place and retrieve the plumbing tool and not go looking for it.

It was 20 minutes later when I found it, and handed it to him. I also found shoes he hasn’t worn in 8 years stored in a place where shoes do not belong, and a hunting chair mixed in with some power tools. We have a designated location for hunting gear…

But I digress.

I bring him the stupid plumbing snake.

He improvised with a long piece of wire in the meantime.

“Thanks”, he said. “Where was it?”

“Don’t talk to me”, I responded. 🙄

I commissioned the teen boy to help remove the books off a bookshelf in his sister’s room which shares a wall with the furnace closet and thereby her carpet got a bit wet, installed a fan and a dehumidifier in her room and closed the door.

“You’re sleeping in the rec room”, I announcer to her and she happily set up her stuffies, pillows and other knickknacks she uses for sleeping.

“That was great you did the dusting in here”, I told her brother who wistfully watched her set up her mattress next to his beloved PS4. 😉

“She’s so lucky she gets to sleep here”, he said.

Sleep being the operative word”, I responded. Sheesh. Will this fortnite phase ever end? 🙃

So today is the final day of the long weekend and tomorrow a new routine will begin: swim lessons at 9:30am at the local outdoor pool walking distance from our house. The girl, who is technically done with all the levels but still too young to be a lifeguard is going one more year to support her brother who does not share her water enthusiasm.

He prefers his water frozen, with skates attached to his feet. 😉🏒

And so we are beginning two months of togetherness.

How is the beginning of July treating you so far?

6 thoughts on “Summer vacation: some work, some play and an unpleasant surprise

  1. Haha – this made me laugh. Not at the unfortunate household situation, but just your description. So relatable.

    I just sent the kid off to the last camp of the summer. She’ll be home Saturday, go to the driving portion of driver’s ed three days next week, and then we should be obligation-free the rest of the summer.

    As for how July is starting? It’s hot as hell and I hate summer. But I am back on my low carb eating and focusing on finally getting my ass in shape.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He he. Funny. You sound like my husband and I when he is on the roof cleaning the gutters and he asks me to bring him some tool and I have no friggin’ idea and I am hoping the neighbors are not listening! Yes, I can’t imagine home ownership without the other half! Would I have a house alone? Uh no.

    Liked by 1 person

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