Aches, pains and injuries: welcome to your 40s…and 50s…

So this happened to me today.

I reached into the microwave, which is situated above the stove (so at face level), and I heard my wrist snap.


Welcome to your 40s. You now get injured reaching for stuff.

All I wanted was my coffee, which had gotten lukewarm, reheated to acceptable heat. Now I have a brace on my hand which makes typing this post a little awkward.


Speaking of injuries…since I’ve seen the physiotherapist and chiropractor, my shoulder pain has almost completely gone away. Partly the reason for this is exercise – at first I did the weight lifting while watching TV, as they instructed me to do, but later, I started gardening which required shoveling dirt.

Lifting shovels full of dirt is heavy work. More interesting and satisfying than aimlessly lifting dumbbells, with an actual end result, so there’s that.

The nerve that was pinched and has given me so much grief in the winter months has finally un-pinched itself.

Now all I have to do is act immediately when I sleep funny and wake up somewhat sore in that general area…lest the nerve gets pinched again.

Again, welcome to your 40s, you will now injure yourself while sleeping.

I’m in the later part of 40s so things are getting worse instead of better, and I can’t imagine the 50s are going to be any kinder to me, either, so I definitely have to keep an eye on my general physical health and fitness levels.

This is easier done in the warm months, for me. Winter tends to be the time when I’m more inactive, which explains my expansions in various directions. 🙃  Physical pain is a deterrent to exercise, so going forward I will have to keep an eye on that come fall and winter season.

Then there’s the whole digestion thing. We’re often out of the house during the traditional dinner/supper hours due to the kids’ sports. Because of the kids schedules we tend to eat early, prior to driving to their venue, which is actually preferred by your digestive system. The trick is not to eat too much later, when we get back, just prior to going to bed. My kids have cereal, or yogurt after their activities since I try to avoid greasy pizzas or fast foods in general but especially after sports at 9 pm or later. (There are occasionally some exceptions. Last night was a final game for one kid and they went for ice cream after…other times it might be someone’s birthday and the kids order pizza and the adults wings and beer.)

I often come home and have just some water. Very occasionally maybe some popcorn, or a small breakfast-sized plate of some leftover dinner I didn’t get a chance to eat earlier. Some days, a glass of wine although I have cut that back significantly. I just can’t eat that late anymore and still sleep well.

We recently went out for an extended family dinner at a Czechoslovakian restaurant. The meal was great, and much appreciated by my husband’s family who is Latvian/Canadian. Czech cuisine reminds them of their Baltic roots, part of the reason they picked that particular place.

They all ordered things like chicken and pork Schnitzel, mushroom sauce, sausage, sauerkraut, rye bread, fried potatoes and pierogies with sour cream and cheese. So quite a heavy load, right?

What’s more, the reservations were made for 7 pm which meant most of the food arrived even later than that.

Let me tell you something: I had a hell of a time digesting that night. I couldn’t fall sleep. I kicked myself in hindsight for not bringing along a digestive enzyme, which is something I have started using on occasion since my mid-40s.

But that night, at the Czek food place…omg. I couldn’t sleep at all.

Welcome to your 40s, you now injure yourself when eating.

What’s your grief about getting older? Have you noticed you tend to not bounce back as quickly from various exercises, positions, late nights or even eating habits? How do you deal with your injuries, aches and pains and digestive issues?

17 Replies to “Aches, pains and injuries: welcome to your 40s…and 50s…”

  1. you have just opened the door for me to comment at length. but given i am typing with one hand, this will be semi short.

    i never broke a bone until may 2017, when i missed the bottom step in a hospital stairway, fell and broke my right shoulder. now, a year later, i am recovering from surgery after breaking my forearm in a fall. again on stairs, but this time rain-slicked ones. both were accidents. i am in my early 60s.

    one of the things i particularly dislike about aging is the interrupted sleep because i need to pee. and, yes, i have the usual other aches and pains of an aging body.

    hang in there and keep lifting weights. i do.

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    1. Oh my you poor thing. And yes the peeing at night…sigh. Once my non-sleeper child finally slept through the night on her own at 4 years old I figured my sleep will come back but nooo…twice I gotta get up. Sheesh.

      I don’t know what broken bones feel like either but my siblings do…Hope I can manage to keep mine unbroken! And I hope yours heal successfully. Thank you for reading and commenting! Take care of yourself.


  2. I’m 40. And ever since I turned 40, I hate it. My knees are my current issue. I need to lose weight but have you tried exercising with bad knees? Then my hormones are a mess. I have raging periods so my doc said to have the IUD inserted. I did. A week later I had them take it out. It made me psycho. So now my options are ablation or hysterectomy. I’m just not having it. I worry about my bones too. I heard it’s more important now to take magnesium than calcium. Oiy. Can’t wait for my 50s!

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  3. OMG, I can SO relate! Welcome to your 40s, when you will injure yourself walking across the yard. Welcome to your 40s, when you will injure yourself putting wound dressing on a cut in your leg (yes, I managed that, with Sunshine’s help). Welcome to your 40s, when you will injure yourself LOCKING YOUR FRONT DOOR. How did this become our lives?😫😫😫😫😫

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