End of school and sport season: brain fry

One of the baseball moms shared a story with me last night.

“Don’t talk to me about brain fry,” she said. “I brought my kid to the game without her equipment.”

Yeah. That. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

It was the same day on which I left the house for an evening game without makeup, sunglasses or a baseball cap.

Nor a jacket.

Maybe this isn’t a big issue for some, leaving the house without a little bit of a touch-up. For me, the makeup, which is very minimal to begin with, (eyeliner, mascara, a little bit of concealer on some days), wasn’t a huge deal, but I missed the sunglasses. Not because it was particularly sunny, but because of the dust. The kids kick up a lot of dust with all their running and sliding into bases, which gets into my eyes and scratches my contact lenses.

I did have the foresight to put on a long-sleeved, thin top, anticipating a cooler, which was very welcoming, evening. The last couple of days were so hot and humid, the change in temperature was a good thing. What is this, Louisiana? I thought I lived in Canada…

So there I was sitting in my baseball chair snacking on sweet spicy chili spits, sipping from my water bottle, wishing I had brought a jacket, or at least the blanket I keep in the van.

I guess I gotta get up.

Off I trotted aaaaaallll the way across two fields to go back to the van to get my blanket, and aaaaalll the way back.

The girls were losing by a lot of points against the boys team by the time I left anyway, so the game wasn’t particularly exciting.

When I got back with my blanket, and sat my butt back into my chair, I ended up witnessing a very exciting come-back by the girls that eventually tied them to the boys’ score.


But the brain fry…I’ll tell you, some people really do look like they’re limping to the end-of-school finish line, and I’m right there with them.

PS There’s a new post over on my other blog. It’s about the phone. When it rings. Icky.

12 thoughts on “End of school and sport season: brain fry

      1. My โ€œtrickโ€ is to always park in the same general area every time. When I go to the gym, I always park on the aisle near a mailbox even though itโ€™s not near the door. Iโ€™m there to get exercise anyway, right?

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