Dystopia, apocalypse…what is this world coming to?

Spoilers ahead on the Handmaid's tale tv series...

Dystopian societies are scarier than apocalyptic ones, if you ask me. Right now, it feels like we’re living in some sort of preamble of either possibility, or maybe we’re already well on our way into one.

Way back in high school, I read both the Handmaid’s tale as well as 1984.

Today, I watch tv series The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead (on and off), as well as the Handmaid’s tale series.

The dystopian life of the handmaid is…preoccupying. The whole thing is preoccupying. Last night’s episode, of which I missed some parts, essentially had the Wife tell the Handmaid that after the baby is born and handed to the Wife (who is infertile) the Handmaid will be sent away. When the Handmaid told her Handmaid friend that she will not be able to bond with the baby while nursing, until it is weaned, everyone was upset.

I was upset.

The friend complained that it was illegal to separate the birth mother (Handmaid) from the infant until the infant was weaned. Apparently, the Commander’s Wife didn’t care. She just wanted the Handmaid out.

Today, in regular (ha ha) American society, they are separating families at borders.

It’s upsetting.

Melania finally spoke about this, with her perfect hair and every step measured just so, making some useless statement that carries no weight. Far as I can tell, the children are still in holding facilities.

Ivanka in the meantime posted a picture of herself with her baby on twitter, captioning something about how their Sunday was going. How incredibly irresponsible is this at a time when families are frantically looking for their children, their infants who were torn from their arms?

Are we heading toward some kind of an apocalyptic world here?

Even this North Korea / USA meeting…does the Dear Leader strike you as a trust-worthy person? He’s not an elected official. He is a dictator who does what he wants. One policy, which I read about from a deflector, is that if your home is on fire, you must rescue the framed painting of the Dear Leader before anything or anyone else in the building. Infant crying in the next room? Better save the painting first or risk being sent to a labour camp. Never mind the humans in the burning room…

Forgive me if I don’t trust this so-called denuclearized document they’re waving around. If someone drops a bomb on America, we Canadians will most definitely feel repercussions here, too.

Time to get off the media, and focus on things like day to day routines, child’s play, walks in nature, good food, and summer vacation.

Because frankly, I’m exhausted by all the bullshit.

14 thoughts on “Dystopia, apocalypse…what is this world coming to?

  1. Thought provoking post. I agree on focusing on healthier things than everyday media uproar. However, it is also important to keep track of the overall direction of the country lest the values and grounding principles change without our noticing, and we have changed along with it.

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  2. Great post Claudette. I have backed off the news in recent years as I was feeling consumed by it. I did however catch most of what you have discussed and I feel the same. So much “Fluff” going on but no action. I don`t trust any of them and honestly our politicians here, although not as big on the world scale are just as unreliable 😦 . We all feel somewhat misled.

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  3. I watch news VERY sporadically and filter what I read very carefully. I care, but if I read or watch too much, I care TOO much which then leads to utter and complete exhaustion. I haven’t learned how yet to balance my empathy with such a ****ed up world.

    I have The Handmaid’s Tale on my Kindle, pending to read. I don’t have hulu, but I hope I can eventually watch the series. I love the lady on it that was on Mad Men – she’s amazing.

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    1. I think I will reread both books again, soon. Such interesting foresights by these authors.

      I get it about the news. I now watch the weather network with my morning coffee instead of the news. 😉

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  4. Great post. I’m with you on this except I think we’re already in a dystopian world. Fortunately there are lots of people under the radar doing better than the powers that be and the current generation of teenagers give me grounds for hope of better to come.

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      1. I’m inspired by the way you express yourself. Deep, meaningful and thought provoking. I’m not a tv watcher so don’t have to quit it.

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