Blogging twice: merging two personalities with writing

How many blogs do you write on? Have you started, and/or abandoned different blogs over the years?

I thought blogging was going out of style after the initial mom-blog bandwagon that I, too, jumped on. Today, I seem to notice no shortage of blogs, and most have nothing to do with parenting! Plus, it appears empty-nesters and seniors are happily blogging away, as my reader feed tells me.

This makes me happy. 😊

I currently maintain two blogs: this one, and the Sorry, Can’t Hear You blog.

You may ask why bother having two blogs. For some people with huge followings on their own blog, this may sound quite ambitious…and, it is. It takes work and dedication to reach, and maintain, readership. My hat’s off to you!

If you happen to wander over to my Sorry, Can’t Hear You blog, you will see that I am very inconsistent with my posting over there. Or check the right margin under Recent Posts; see the big gap between November and June?

Sometimes months, even years, go by without me typing a single word into that blog.

There is a reason for that.

The reason is that I don’t want to identify as only one type of person: there is more to me than the label ‘hearing impaired’ or ‘hard of hearing’ or ‘almost deaf’ or ‘disabled’.

None of those terms are an accurate description of me. If you’ve read for any length of time on this blog, you know that I am a wearer of many, many hats. Also, I happen to encompass many, many emotions and personality traits. (That’s middle-aged women for ya, ha!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™„

When I first started blogging I was a first-time mom. That was 13 years ago. I was busy feeling that, not the hearing loss. Although ironically that was the same exact time when my right ear lost all its hearing. I remember waking up one morning and realizing it was happening right now, and I went from being able to manage relatively well to being in denial.

There, I said it. I was in denial, on purpose, wishing for it to go away.

That didn’t happen. My right ear was, is, broken.

There is no chance it will reverse.

My left ear in the meantime remained at ‘require a hearing aid to hear’ level. It hasn’t changed much, but it too is suffering some progressive loss yearly.

So I needed an outlet to talk about that rather big part of me: the disability. For reasons I can’t quite comprehend, I didn’t want to include the disability in my Writer of Words blog. I had this deep-seated need to separate the hearing-loss writer with the sports-mom writer (or the cook-mom, or the chauffeur-mom, or the disciplinarian-mom, or whatever).

Anyway, every once in a while, after some serious neglect, I sit in my little corner feeling down, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. It didn’t occur to me until the other day that some of the reasons I was feeling this way recently had to do with another adjustment in my hearing; I seem to be dealing with more progressive loss. (My loss is due to a serious childhood illness, not age related, although aging appears to be contributing to it nowadays…)

So I fooled around with the Sorry blog and then I wrote something one day and another thing the next day. Call it catharsis, if you will.

So that’s why I blog in two places. πŸ™ƒ

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on multiple blogging. Or, reading them, ahem…


21 thoughts on “Blogging twice: merging two personalities with writing

  1. I have just one β€œblog,” (although it’s more of a writer’s website). But I can relate to your feeling that you are more than your hearing loss, and that two blogs gives you some compartmentalization. (In my words.) I have chronic health issues that do not identify me – although they impact me daily. I refuse to let them take over my life, so I don’t post about them often. Still, it’s nice to have an outlet for that writing, so I occasionally submit essays to health-related online publications. It sounds like two blogs works for you, so keep going!

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    1. That’s a great idea, the essay thing. I should look into that! Thank you for the feedback. Reminds me too that it’s been a while since I’ve stopped over on the other blog. πŸ˜‰


  2. I just recently started my second blog! I started my first blog about 7 years ago. I was newly divorced, no kids, dating again…..etc. Now I am a mother of two, married again, and trying to figure this new life out.

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  3. I think it`s a great idea to separate the two. And I think the other blog is an outlet for you too…on which note I am about to go and have a look at it. My Mum has very similar hearing problems. Her “good ear” now has a hearing aid. She does enjoy one part of it all..she sleeps on her “good ear” as she calls it . Never hears a thing and sleeps like a baby xx

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  4. I was always a fan of having just one blog that served as a brain dump for everything that was me. I started my writing-specific blog back in the fall though – it was meant to be more of a branding thing, but also became a nice place to share my thoughts on one specific topic. I like having both, although the other one – well, maybe both of them! – gets neglected from time to time. So we’ll see if I keep them both -but for now I do like it.

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  5. I have been blogging since 2006 and have had many, many blogs. My voice changes over time and I find I don’t like blogging at that blog, so I delete and start over. But I like to blog. I like to get my thoughts out. This middle age, nearing empty nest time has been such a challenge for me emotionally. I find just getting it all out somewhere is helpful. πŸ™‚ I enjoy your blog. I’ll have to visit the other now! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you! I understand exactly where you’re coming from. My kids are still young teens and I often yearn a little bit less time to do stuff for them, which is constant, but I realize in the grand scheme of things, as they get more independent they will move further away from me. I want that, and I don’t want that, so blogging is bound to continue to be an outlet for me in the coming years. πŸ™‚

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  6. So now that Ive made a huge fuss, lol! I was on WordPress about a year and a half before I ever breathed a word of my hearing to anyone. My two friends and cousin who frequented my page knew and that was it. I had two pages I built up to 300+ during that time but they ran consecutive to one another, not together. I reached a crossroads May last year where everything kind of imploded, i had a big surgery, my mom had passed and several other key events that I needed to spiral through for a while. I closed that second page. And in June I opened this one. What im getting at is , before, on those other two pages I wasnt ready. It didnt fit the content. I just wasnt ready. After i opened this one, i felt ready enough to talk about it and face it as part of my full person. I explained in a post then that *not* talking about it was what was out of my comfort zone. Not the other way around. And denying it had ended up causing me unnecessary heartbreak. I even felt a little shameful that I wasnt accepting of it enough to let it be how these new friends were knowing me. I know you talk about it on both pages, I just didnt back then…and Ive felt so much more fulfilled here being able to let it be part of who I am as far as what I write and letting people maybe understand me better. I was so self focused on my first few pages…but denying important parts of me.

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    1. Well the fuss was well worth it because I was hoping you would comment. I value your opinion because we share this thing that feels shameful but isn’t and shouldn’t. And I had two blogs before this one, and many posts on this one, where I avoided mentioning it. Even subtly.

      Thing is, it’s part of me and it’s not going away…maybe doing it like this, cross referencing, is a way I’m learning to accept this as reality.

      And you touched on something else. If we don’t accept this as part of us, how can someone else? Most people (not all) are quite accommodating when they find out…and most are capable of doing so without making it a huge advertisement. I have a sportsmom friend who, when I told her at a rink to please sit beside me on my left, has never forgotten, Sometimes my own family forgets…

      Know what I mean??

      And ❀ my friend.


      1. As I was reading I kept thinking you were going to say “the time has come” to make them into one blog (which you can btw if you ever decide to), but then I realized it isnt the time. I can definitely hear you talking through the space between the two for now. So yes, I get that absolutely.

        It was a great relief to talk about it here rather that all out *not* because I realized in that low point just what a huge part of who I am it is. In almost every way. So how on earth was I going to speak openly as me and about my life when I had to leave so much out subconsciously. So, having two pages where you’re addressing different life issues…I can certainly understand feeling some level of needing or wanting to bring them together. And you will do whatever you decide is best for you in its own time!

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      2. I’m not ready to merge them. But I’m ready to cross reference them. Does this even make sense? For now, I’m doing this, I guess.

        The interesting thing I’ve discovered is that by mentioning the hearing loss here but not focusing on it, others, followers, come out and mention they too have a hearing loss.

        It’s almost like most people who struggle with this keep it hidden.

        It’s something to explore, maybe, but not now. I’m too deep in the parenting trenches at the moment.

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      3. Yes, perfect sense! I too have had people with stories of family members or themselves and how they relate to things that i mention about it and i love hearing those stories. Makes me wonder what the beep I was doing on here before when i was so afraid. Its such a nice community this way…and that has not always been so.

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