Name-calling, insults and misinterpretation: the way many people use social media

The other day I stumbled across a tweet where the guy mentioned his grocery bill went up by $100 a week.

The comments were ridiculous. Almost all of them remarked on his ability to feed himself and his family for $100.

He didn’t say that.

He said his bill went up by that much per week.

People don’t read properly.

Please also are very quick to lash out at others when desired outcomes don’t happen.

For weeks, my social media platforms were littered with ‘go vote’ and ‘don’t forget to vote’ messages.

So people went out to vote. I went out to vote despite my dislike of all candidates on the ballot.

I was really challenged. Many people were really challenged…

But, voter turnout went up during last week’s election compared to the previous one. This is a good thing. This is what my social media ‘friends’ wanted, right?  People are actually choosing to exercise their democratic right to submit a vote.


The outcome was not what they expected, or wanted.

So now, there is hostility and insults, name-calling, all over my feeds.

And I wonder: why bother staying in social media at all?