Summer comfort food: the nourishing qualities of soup

Today I made soup without any regard to the weather.

Granted it’s cooler today than it’s been last week, but it doesn’t matter. Soup has so many nourishing qualities, I really should make more than I do presently. In fact, I’m due to make another big batch of bone broth like I did during cooler seasons. I ran out and forgot to make more.

Do you use bone broth in your recipes? I sometimes freeze the broth in ice cube trays and add those into my sauces. Such an easy way to give your body a boost of health.

This past week has been stressful. The weekend was full of family drama and weeping (we lost a family member last week), some fun get togethers with extended family who came in from Europe, and a lot of reflection.

Then Monday morning arrived and my email exploded and I only had two hours to work on the manuscript editing and the tournament scheduling is out of control and both kids have activities tonight and, and, and…

Hello, life! Right back into it…

The picture of the soup above is what’s left of it after both my partner and I had some for lunch. I’m hoping it’s enough for the kids to eat tonight, because I don’t think I’ll have time to cook another meal…

And how is your Monday going?

12 thoughts on “Summer comfort food: the nourishing qualities of soup

  1. I absolutely love making soups. Winter is here now and everyone gets a little excited as I roll out the pumpkin soup. Nothing more comforting with some crusty sourdough. Xx

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    1. I actually put the pot outside on the table on the porch. That’s the Dollar Store table cloth you’re looking at. The lighting inside wasn’t good so I took it outside for the photo. 🙂


  2. All things soup. Always! I’m glad to see you’re persevering with your head above water after all the recent events. Sometimes being busy is a blessing 😣

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