End of school year woes

The other day I read some funny tweets from American parents who appear to already be in summer vacation (i.e. school vacation). I believe some States head back to school in August, and the deep South is known to be hot and humid for way longer than us up here by the border, which is probably why they’re already out of school now, at the end of May.

Nonetheless I am anxiously and hopefully anticipating the end of school here, so very much. Still gotta go till the end of June…

The tweets are pretty funny, though. One mom said they had a list of 75 things to try over the summer and they had already done 72 of the them by day 3. Ha!

Another mom complained about the kids being bored on the day before Memorial day, and was educated by her minion that technically, it’s still the weekend and summer vacation won’t come till Tuesday AFTER the weekend.

One mom wanted to know how she was going to work with everyone around all day, every day…I too wonder about this. Camp isn’t always a viable solution, and it gets tougher for older kids. I may be able to pawn off at least one kid occasionally but the rest of the summer? I think I’m going to have a list posted to the wall requiring completing prior to plugging into Fortnite or Minecraft…even though if they are plugged in, at least they’re quiet which helps me to work…

Yeah, right. 🙄

The current stress, other than the activity schedules causing me grief, is the endless lunch making. Today, I served carbs for breakfast and packed carbs for lunch. I knew instinctively that the mini cucumber will come home half eaten, probably, even though at home they gobble cucumbers like they’re going out of style. And the thermos of noodles without protein will be…probably less than half eaten. I didn’t pack fruit for the same reason as the cucumber, and I opted out of the standard cookie or granola bars which lately have also come home regularly.

Of course when they do arrive home all they’re thinking about is more carbs. And sugar. Ice cream, popsicles, freezies…you name it.

I give up.

At least they get a decent home-cooked dinner…

Oh wait. Baseball season.  If one or both kids aren’t playing or practicing, then a kid is umping. Games are around the dinner hour, they gotta be there minimum half hour prior, there’s driving to and from…so, what’s a frazzled mom to do?

Pizza. From a pizza joint. That’s what.

They are of course not complaining. If they could they would eat pizza every day.

Me? I’m calculating how long it’s been since they’ve had protein at a meal. Did someone eat eggs for breakfast the other day? I can’t remember.

Are you limping toward the finish line, like me, or have you already begun summer vacation? And what are you making them for lunch? Please, enlighten  me, I’m outa ideas.



25 thoughts on “End of school year woes

  1. I was already limping along weeks ago, and now that we have just a couple of weeks left, it’s almost comically bad. This is the time of year when the kids get to go to lunch with cookies, snack mix, crackers, a fruit bar, and a kool aid jammer in their lunch box. I cringe at the thought of what the teachers would think if they actually supervised lunch time!

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  2. Yep, got out of school the 2nd week of May because she was exempt from exams. Lunches? Ugh. I have the pickiest child on the planet. I learned long ago to pick my battles, send her something I knew she’d eat and make her take vitamins until she figures out that real food actually tastes good.

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  3. Around here, I’m the one who is on summer vacation (kinda) and I am already bored to tears. Begging grandma to send me old family histories because I’m doing geneology research because I am addicted to research apparently.

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  4. LOL – at that point in life, I handed over the lunch making task to my Mr. He’s been cooking ever since. I don’t know if that plan would work for everyone, though…! One time I worried about my daughter not eating enough at lunch, and her doctor told me she’s fine and that there are 500 calories in a Peanut Butter sandwich and an apple. I tried living on that for a week and lost 3 pounds. She was fine, and so was I 🙂

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  5. They’ve changed the schedule for the schools here so that high school kids can start in August and have finals over with before the winter break. I like that system better …

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  6. I’m not looking forward to the holidays for some of the same reasons – it often feels like we reach the end of the summer on our hands and knees, willing ourselves to the finish line when the kids go back to school…

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  7. Im in wales (UK) our school breaks from end if july until September. Were lucky to gave my wife off pregnant over this period which means we’ll save a small fortune on child care. Lunch times for us are a mixed bag, my oldest with eat anything we give him. My youngest (3) wont eat anything, other than fruit and crisps! We too are running out of ideas.

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    1. I grew up in Switzerland and we had summer vacation similar as you say in the UK…here in Canada it’s longer over the two hottest months, but then we have very little time off during the year. I remember in Switzerland we had 2 weeks at Easter, 2 weeks at Christmas, at least a week in February which were considered ski holidays….not here. So it seems like a really long time to be without ‘routine’, something I happen to like. 🙂

      But yes, food. argh. We’re all in the same boat. My younger one just got home with the uneaten cucumber (surprise!)…just as I predicted. 🙂


      1. Our holidays are almost identical to swizerland. . Our kids our currently on half term break for a week!! Makes lunch time easier!! Its almost 10pm here. Look forward to reading your next post.

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  8. Our school here in Texas ends on June 1st and they go back at the end of August. My son has already decided to spend his summer watching anime other than the times I am “forcing” him to go to camp and vacation. 😂

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