Random acts of kindness: when strangers suddenly talk to you

I was feeling down and blah when I went shopping at Winners. The boy child needs sports shirts, he only has two that fit and they’re in the wash. I thought, today is as good a day as any, so I took my depressed state to the store.

I stopped at Walmart first. I hate Walmart but they have boy clothes that are affordable. Nothing appropriate was found so I left, happily, with a slight spring in my step. Na na I didn’t spend money in your store today…

Anyway. 😉

The Winners was next door and they had stuff for my teen that looked passable which means one of two things: if it fits right (I’m 99% sure it will) I’ll do laundry tonight. If not, I can return it next week.

My mood was slightly elevated by the time I made my way through the store toward the register when I saw the women’s section. A couple of things caught my eye in the sleepware/undergarment section so I thought what the hell, I may as well try them on.

I have gained a thousand pounds over the winter season and nothing fits me right. This partly contributes to my mood, of late.

While I was waiting for the fitting room girl to give me my number tag, a woman behind me suddenly spoke to me.

“I really like your top”, she said. “I have always seen them in stores, but never on a person. I really like the way that looks.”

She looked kind of my peer, so middle-age-ish probably. I glanced at her to make sure she was talking to me, not someone else, and she was.

“Do you remember where you got it?” she asked me next.

We chatted a bit on the way toward the fitting room stalls.

It makes me wonder…how often do people talk behind someone’s back about their choice of clothing? Most of the time it’s negative talk. “That makes her look fat” or “This outfit is not flattering for her body type at all” are things I’ve heard people say out loud, sometimes within earshot of the person they were criticizing.

Just look at the many analytics of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex people offer. I typed this exact phrase into Google and in .49 seconds there were 24,000,000 results, most of which probably mention her latest dress she wore. Or her hat. Or her shoes.

We as a society are not kind to one another about physical appearances, in general, especially not in media, social or otherwise.

But this woman said something kind to me, and it was nice.


8 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness: when strangers suddenly talk to you

  1. I have had this happened to me and it is really nice. It made me smile and I felt good about myself all day. I actually do it myself now to others as I want to pass on some of that feeling.

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  2. When I see a pretty lady or great outfit, I try to tell the woman. Because I remember how that sort of thing had such a huge impact on me early in recovery. I’m glad someone did that for you!

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