Family pets: never a dull moment

Yesterday I dropped a guinea pig.

In my defense, it was his fault. Why is he squirming around in my arms when I’m snuggling him?

I was trying to bring him back inside from his outdoor pen. He was fine, initially, when I picked him up, like he always is. But for some reason, he got spooked as I stood up and down he went, at least three feet. Landed on soft grass, and continued to run around after, so he’s probably find. But still.

I almost had a heart attack.

He freaked out the other one, though. They both went hiding in tunnels I made for them out of old cardboard boxes.


All I need is trouble with my daughter’s pets now…

I was discombobulated all day. Useless to do anything productive. Because yesterday was the day our family member died. It was peaceful and without drama after a short but very aggressive cancer diagnosis. All day, while my partner was with his sick sister and other family, I puttered around the house, cooking, and dealing with piles of laundry.

Trying to keep busy.

Summer arrived finally with quite a heatwave but the winter clothing is still all around me in closets and drawers. Was as good a day as any to sort through that stuff, since I had no focus to do anything more thought-provoking.

The piggie is fine. We observed him in his cage when he came out sniffing for his hobbit snack, and his dinner, and his after-dinner-hobbit snack…and I watched them run up and down the ramp. I hope my assessment is correct because sometimes it’s tough to accurately diagnose an issue with an animal. When our dog developed a huge, cancerous lump on his front paw a decade ago, the vet told us he is in a lot of pain. We didn’t see it; he wasn’t limping initially and acted as always, eating, drinking, going for walks.

Will keep an eye on Nugget today. And if he wants to nibble weeds out of doors again, I’ll wrap him, and Oreo too, into a blanket first. They always feel more secure that way.

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