Annoyed much? How to cure your bad mood, part 2

It appears that typing out stuff that’s annoying does several things: it entertains you, it ignites conversation and dialogue, and it helps me to let it go.

So let’s continue from my first post about annoyance…what annoys me these days? Tell me, does this stuff annoy you, too?

But this isn’t an invitation to just list your grievances. You must come up with an antidote to counter the annoyance. The whole point is to let go of negativity, and feeling annoyed all day does not make for a positive, happy outlook.

So here goes:

There’s a couple of commercials that are particularly annoying.

The first commercial is for Febreze, that spray that’s supposed to mask some off-putting scent. They’re showcasing a couple of teen boys and one is taking off his socks. Chipper mom in perfect hair and stylish clothes steps into the room and long story short, she sprays stuff to mask the odour.

I’m annoyed by this. I want to yell: “OPEN A WINDOW YOU MORON. And tell that kid to stick his socks in the wash!”

There. I feel better. 😛

The second very annoying and disgusting commercial has a kid on the floor drawing something on the coffee table. Dad sits on the couch with his feet on the coffee table. Directly next to the child’s face.

First of all: GROSS.

Who does that?

But wait. There’s more.

Next, the child brings her face closer to his feet and remarks on his toenail fungus.

I mean, COME ON.

I changed the channel because I can’t watch this stuff without wanting to hurl something at the TV.


The cure to solve this is to stop watching TV. Or at least change the channel like I do every time I see these commercials.  Or you could stream or watch netflix. Point is, sometimes, commercials are just ick.



6 thoughts on “Annoyed much? How to cure your bad mood, part 2

  1. I always hated the ones for Mucinex with the talking mucus. Really?

    I use a DVR for just about everything I watch or I watch Netflix. I avoid ads whenever I can! And I have a paid subscription to XM radio so I can avoid them in the car as well!

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    1. Every once in a while, I tune in to some soap opera, usually while folding laundry. It never fails, big pharma and their push push push to take more meds… heavily advertised during daytime tv. Annoying. I always remind myself that there’s a good reason NOT to watch daytime tv. 🙂

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  2. Who comes up with this shit? There is no way my mom would spray some shit to mask the stinky feet. There would be laundry and bathing involved, guests or no guests. She’d also make me clean my room before the laundry got done and make me get all my smelly crap out of there. However, my mother never let it get that far. Because she’s “anally retentive” about cleaning (her words, not mine). So yeah, who comes up with that shit?

    Don’t even get me started on feet, because feet are nasty. If I thought I could walk gracefully in heels with wooden feet, I’d cut off my own feet. Because gross.

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  3. I rarely watch TV … just not interested somehow … those commercials sound bad (!) … especially the second one. I’d change the channel as well. Other than that I have no advice….

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