Thursday musings

Good morning.

I’m a little less annoyed today. 🙂 Partly because I started another blog post on that topic, but I won’t be posting it today. Maybe next week. I found typing out my annoyances helps me to let them go, especially because the focus is on the antidote (the positive reaction), so I’ll keep that up. Maybe make it a series. Who’s in?

I’m also less annoyed today because the few spring flowers I have in my front garden are So! Bright! Can’t help but feel happy when I see tulips all regal and fresh from last night’s rain.

Just ignore the dandelions on the lawn. I’m working on it. Actually, I’ve discovered that the two guinea pigs quite like eating them, so I don’t even mind having some around. They especially like the stem of the flower…and sometimes even eat the flower.

This is what the batch of weedy lawn in the backyard looks like, after the rain:

I mean, if this isn’t paradise for a couple of rodents…ha!

Meet Nugget and Oreo, my daughter’s newest pets:

These two are keeping us entertained. She shenanigans they’re up to? Oh my. They have a domed house on the second level of their cage, which my daughter and I built ourselves. Some mornings, the house is upside-down on the first level…how did they throw it down? What goes on in that cage when we’re not looking?

Happy Thursday! I’m off to work.



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