Not sleeping like a baby

Who coined the phrase ‘sleeps like a baby’?

I would like that person to step forward and explain this statement to me.

Were they a parent of a baby?

I bet they were not.

I mean, I don’t know too many babies that sleep the way it’s implied in that statement. Certainly not my babies. Most certainly not my second baby.

You know who sleeps like babies should?


Especially boy teenagers. I have a boy teenager…

I don’t know about girl teenagers, but my tween girl will get there soon enough and then I’ll be able to let you know if there’s a difference.

Sleep is a huge topic for me. I don’t know if I’m catching up from all the years of interrupted sleep but nowadays, I must get a solid eight hours. Even if it’s not comatose-type sleep, I need the rest. For my body and my mental state.

I’m pretty much useless after 9 pm on a weekday. Don’t ask me to supervise or help with homework then because I will have a rage attack. Especially if there was time wasted earlier doing who knows what. At 9 pm I want to settle down, watch TV, read. Not do active, thought-provoking activities like explain fractions or help conjugate French verbs.

I must be getting old.

I love sleep. But I’m also a morning person. Even if I had a crappy sleep, most probably due to hormonal issues, anxiety or worries – warranted or imagined – I still aim to get up prior to the family.

Let me make, and enjoy, my first coffee, check my calendar, write or update my lists by myself. Then, by all means, get up and join me.

The kids? Well they’re kinda grumpy in the morning. The tween girl manages fine after a quick snuggle, but the boy prefers to sleepwalk through his morning routine.

To each his own, I guess. He’s lucky I’m a morning person and prepare his breakfast for him; if I was not I can’t imagine what he’d be like without a balanced meal in his belly.

So who sleeps like a baby? Not my family.

Does yours?

13 thoughts on “Not sleeping like a baby

  1. When I think of the expression “sleeps like a baby” my first thought is – Do they wake up every 3-4 hours crying? Do they need to eat at those intervals? Yep, they are indeed, sleeping like a baby.

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  2. My son is an adult and can still sleep until 10 am easily. Myself I am a restless sleeper yet have to get myself up by 7 am. – I have been known to have a 20 minute catnap on the couch now and then in the afternoon.
    Long time since we had babies, the expression should be sleeps like a cat! I cat-sit for my daughter and that cat loves her 16 hours a day especially warm days.

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  3. You know when I slept like a baby? When I was so drunk I didn’t know my own name (yeah, that happened, more than twoce). Somebody was talking out their arse when they coined that phrase about sleeping like a baby.

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  4. LOL – your post brought back many memories of my own daughter’s as hormonal teenagers rushing around to get ready for school. I lacked sleep due to worrying about if they had gotten home on time the night before. Someday…your son will look back and say, “Mom, I couldn’t have survived teenage years without you, could you teach me how to cook breakfast like you used to?” xx Hope you get some sleep tonight!

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    1. Sleep is no problem for me now as the kids aren’t old enough to be out on their own at night (yet) and I don’t have to do the routine with them. So I go to be whenever I want. HA! But the boy’s 13…how much longer will that last? lol

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    1. Ha! I have one like that too!! lol….I used to stare at it, her sleeping with her big diaper bum up in the air, in the middle of the day, wondering why she couldn’t/wouldn’t sleep like that at night like normal people!

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      1. She like to fall asleep in the stroller, so our joke was we couldn’t take her in the stroller after 3pm cause if she slept then she would never go to sleep at night

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