Purging the brain of all that was not good this week

I’m having a day. A week, actually. It’s rapidly going downhill and if one more thing happens I may go to bed at 8 pm like I did yesterday.

T’was nice, getting 10 hours of sleep last night, I must admit. Didn’t even matter that I woke up at 6 am today….

Had to get up anyway because both kids had baseball, one at 9 am.

Was still nice though, to be in bed early, with the door shut, and not directing people to do stuff.

I didn’t even care that the kitchen was still a mess this morning, or that the newly cleaned and functioning fridge was incorrectly filled with random food from coolers. At least the food was out of the coolers. I also noticed the laundry was put away wrong, but whatever. Point was, someone else did it, not me.

I’ll fix it later. 😏


In the meantime I’m sitting on my back porch looking at the broken fence. Instead of it standing upright, it’s flat on the weedy lawn. That, too, is a work in progress. Last night’s wind storm did so much damage, and not just to our fence. Most of the trees at the baseball diamonds were at least partially down. A mess. Didn’t affect the playing field, but it did affect some street parking….

Don’t get me started on all the power outages affecting traffic lights. Driving through major intersections without functioning traffic lights, or at least a cop directing traffic, wasn’t fun.

More like chaos.

But it’s behind me now.

Just as I typed that last sentence into mobile WordPress, our semi-tame squirrel scared the crap out of me. She jumped on the chair I rested my legs on, begging for a nut.

She already got her treat from my girl child earlier. What is this, a buffet? A free for all?


I think I’ll go brew a tea. Maybe if I get up she’ll get spooked and disappear.

No more nuts for you! #NutNazi #Seinfeld

Happy weekend to you and yours. Hope you have a better one than me.

7 thoughts on “Purging the brain of all that was not good this week

  1. I think you’re on to something…! When I had kids at that stage in life, finding moments of “me” time helped my sanity. Way to enjoy your small moments of peace. Hope this week is better for you!

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