Spoiled and spring-cleaning

I feel like an apocalyptic survivor.

There is a non-working fridge in my kitchen, kids’ activity schedules are ridiculously busy, the cars are on the verge of needing minor or major repairs, and all my food is in coolers on the back porch.

Of course it’s raining cats and dogs.

I really look forward to my first three coffees in the morning these days. This is actually one too many for me but it just can’t be helped lately.  There’s been early drop offs for track practices, late baseball games for one or the other, and the endless catching up in the garden has taken a toll on my energy levels.

Our backyard has been a mess since we renovated the detached garage a couple of years ago. I want to be able to enjoy and relax in the garden this summer, something that did not happen last year. And with the very late arrival of spring in these parts, I have spent a lot of time trying to get outside to fix my landscaping issues this past week.

Ask me how all my winter-muscles feel…. #SoSore

And then, there was the fridge situation. Never a good time to deal with it so I simply just started one day.

The reason we had to defrost the main fridge is because of a huge clump of ice that formed in the ice-cube maker. We didn’t even really want a fridge with that [in]convenient contraption…but the brand and style we wanted had that feature included so we bought it.

It felt like luxury at first. Want ice? Just stick your glass under it and the cubes will drop in.

About three years after the huge renovation, things started to go on many of our new items. The expensive, long-lasting light bulbs which were supposed to last at least 15 years started flickering. (We called, it’s defective.) The ice maker wasn’t dispensing ice cubes anymore. The dishwasher had a thing with one of the wheels….and the filter. The tap we bought for the new sink? Mistake. Piece of crap.

You know how it is.

Long story short – the defrosting should take 24 hours, and with any luck, I’ll manage to find some energy to scrub clean every nook, cranny and removable shelves and drawers. Which, incidentally, are currently getting soaked in a bleach solution in the bathtub.

So, spring cleaning has begun! With any luck, I’ll have a clean fridge by the weekend.

But in the meantime, what a pain in the ass it is to dig through three coolers every time I want to feed someone. Or, having to walk to the detached garage, in the pissing rain, to retrieve food from the backup fridge and freezer out there.

How many times do I forget a crucial item?

Many. (If I send the kids they’ll take the shortcut through the muddy lawn and drag mud through the house.)

Goes to show how spoiled we’ve become with our conveniences, doesn’t it. Ice-cube dispensing fridges and all that…

So, happy spring cleaning to those of you who are currently in the same mode!

What’s going on in your parts?

8 Replies to “Spoiled and spring-cleaning”

  1. Way to get a head start on spring cleaning! I haven’t even thought about it, we went from winter 12″ of snow one week to 80 degrees 2 weeks later. Does that constitute a free pass this year? Probably not, but it is worth considering.

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  2. Our fridge still dispenses ice after 10 years but it’s so nasty and I can’t figure out how to open it up to clean it! Dishwasher stinks too. Makes you wonder what my parents did to these things before I moved in!

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    1. Don’t start me started on the file cabinet…lol. but after my fridge is back together I’ll clear out the kitchen drawers and cabinets, me thinks…. 🙃 #OnARoll


  3. Ugh! I have to do a deep clean this weekend because our last book club meeting until after the summer will be meeting on Monday. I can really clean well, but it is *literally* my least favorite thing to do. And when I’ve worked all week, the very last thing I want to do it housework. I swear, I WILL have a cleaning lady whenever I get my kid out of private school.
    And the icemaker debacle? 🙋‍♀️ me too. Ours quit not even a year into owning the new refrigerator. I’m over it. It still makes ice, it just won’t dispense it, so, whatever. I prefer it crushed my way anyway. With tequila. And limes. 😁

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