Fortnite: mom rules and teens

Every day, he tries to break me down. There are endless requests to play fortnite during school nights.


I refuse to break down. Just because he is not that busy right now and does have time on his hands doesn’t mean I approve of a change in the gaming time limits.

No gaming during school nights.

Gaming can easily become addictive.

I’m not giving in.

Let him do something else. ANYTHING else.

Having said that, I do make the odd exceptions. There have been times when the weather is bad, he has little or no homework, his chores are done, there was minimal arguments or negotiating…those times I don’t mind letting him go and socialize online with his hockey buddies.

I don’t see it as him wearing me down, but as me giving him an opportunity to rise to expectations.

“You’re done at 8 pm. No exceptions. Don’t begin a new 20-minute game at 7:50, I will make you die at 8 and I don’t care if you’re winning”.

(Make you die is fortnite lingo and has nothing to do with murder in the literal sense 😛 )

He’s doing it. Mostly. Sort of. I let him finish if the game takes another 3 minutes past 8…but I would not allow it beyond, say 10 minutes.

The point is that he regulates his own time. I don’t want to spend my evening running into the basement, or yelling down the stairs, with constant reminders to respect the time. If he doesn’t this week, I guess I may not be so quick next time to allow for an exception.

Last week I said no. He asked why I’m so strict. I told him he didn’t come off when he was told to the week prior, and I had to micro-manage him.

I hate that.

He hates that too.

But I don’t care. Let him rise to it. Like he did last night. He got off a few minutes after 8 and that was that.

“See, I knew you could do it”, I told him. “Good job for respecting the time limit.”

This, dear parent friends, is 13.

9 thoughts on “Fortnite: mom rules and teens

  1. Oh gosh you are so much better at me at holding the line. I let him play for an hour a day and that’s probably too much. I feel sorry for the kid as he has school 6 days a week and his days last from 8am to 5pm so he has persuaded me he needs the down tome. At least fortnite enables some form of communication and socialising with friends. The dance moves are pretty impressive too! Lol. Hats off to you for sticking by your principles. I wish I could!

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  2. We discovered we could stop the internet connection for specific devices at the router. That ended Miss 13’s obsession with YouTube above all else. She now knows that if we want her to do something, the internet connection is in peril…

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  3. It’s amazing the technology used by kids now. Mines only 6 and I have the same argument over how much YouTube he can watch a day, and it’s not like what he watches has any benefit . . To anyone, manly other children recording their own video game experiences.

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    1. It doesn’t get any easier as they get older, but what I have discovered is that giving less from the get go is easier than taking away privileges once they’ve got them. So no gaming on school nights is easier to follow through with the odd exception than allowing it all the time now in grade 7 and then, when homework increases in grade 8, taking it away. That kind of thing.

      But it’s subjective to each family’s own dynamic. Sigh. 🙂

      Thank you for weighing in!


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