This is what procrastination looks like

Well, here’s one example…

This is one of four full bins which resided on my very long driveway along the northern house wall for several months. But before you think we’re a bunch of hopeless boozers, let it be know that these bins date back to before Christmas. I was simply too lazy to drag the empties to the Beer store where returns for funds can be made, and so the bins accumulated.


One week in early March I got fed up. It’s embarrassing, for Pete’s sake. What would the mailman think? The neighbours?

The day seemed dry, albeit cold, so I tried to bribe the kids into sorting the bottles by colour and style into clean bins and loading those bins into the van.

“Come with me”, I said. “Unload them at the store for me, and I’ll let you keep the cash!”

I figured it was win/win – for me because of my sore shoulder situation and for them because of extra pocket money.

They didn’t want to. It was too cold, they were too tired….


A few weeks later I forced them to sort the bottles without the bribe, and then decided I would return them the next day when they’re in school and I’m on my way to grocery shopping.

That didn’t happen then, either. It escapes me at the moment what elaborate excuse I had handy at the time, but I’m sure it was one of the usual sort: tired, sore, it’s raining, snowing, too dark…

It wasn’t until I organized a delivery of wood chips just this past week that I forced myself to head to the Beer store for the stupid returns…only by this time, the snow and ice that had accumulated in the bins had melted and now I had to deal with a soggy mess first. The bottles we’re swimming in beer and wine residued water.


See where procrastinating gets you?

Nothing but irritations.

But there is a happy ending to this sordid tale: not only is my driveway currently clear of empty booze bottles for the first time in five months, but I got to keep the 15 bucks they paid me. Me, not the kids. 😊

I bet to a kid, that would have been a significant sum of cash.

You snooze you lose, baby!


Perhaps tomorrow I will treat myself to Starbucks.

3 thoughts on “This is what procrastination looks like

  1. Omg a priceless photo! 😀 Reminds me of when social services got in touch with my father saying they were worried why her aged father had SO many empty wine bottles in the house? (Social services called in on him) My mother answered “because when he was younger he used to make wine from ever fruit and veg growing in his garden AND he’d been tidying his loft and cupboards”, made her laugh to think Grandpa had a drink problem. Thanks for bringing this memory back to me 🙂 .

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  2. Such a good idea getting cash for recycling. It’s silly isn’t it? You put things off and put things off but it’s just nagging away at you. There’s a new book isn’t there about ‘five minutes’ if it will take less than five minutes, do it immediately – don’t put it off because it will become a ten minute chore.
    I read it. Nodded my head thinking hmm, good idea. Then completely ignored the advice

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