Scheduling and baseball and groundhogs: spring has arrived

So it finally happened here in my little corner of southern Canada – that big yellow ball in the sky emerged and emitted sunshine and warmth and my mood has been instantly lifted.


Too bad I had to spend many hours inside a banquet hall on Sunday. Which is not to say the banquet wasn’t fun, but you know what I mean. I’ve been complaining about the cold weather for so long on this blog, I was really looking forward to heading outside and puttering in my backyard.

Which I did the day prior of the banquet, and also after we got home. I got the entire back vegetable plot area done in the way I wanted because I’m anticipating a huge load of wood chips from a neighbourhood tree company on Tuesday. I want to load the wood chips onto that area. I raked the area flat, moved the compost bin, and placed industrial landscape fabric all over the back part to suffocate the remaining weeds that will no doubt try to take over by next rainfall.

You see, I used to have three garden beds back there. When the kids were younger we grew all the fun stuff kids like, and we simply continued out of habit over the years. Except, about three years ago, this dude made an appearance…

Perhaps it’s not a dude at all but a pregnant female… 😛

My next door neighbour’s shed has a dug out area underneath that seems to be most suitable for pregnant groundhogs to birth their babies. Two years ago big fat mama came with her babies and ate all my lettuce, kale, cucumber plants and herbs. We had nothing left.

The following year I tried to fence the area to at least salvage my tomato plants which sorta kinda worked…until I saw one of the now grown babies simply climb the fence in, and then out, munching on my stuff. They left the tomatoes alone for the most part but all the basil and Swiss chard I grew below…gone.


Don’t even get me started on the raccoons.

Why the wildlife can’t eat the weeds in the lawn is beyond me. They’re supposed to be so good for them…


So when Monday finally rolled around and I verified the sun was here to stay I had my day all planned out. Do some sport scheduling for the kids activities in the morning, drop into a grocery store, in and out in 45 minutes, eat lunch and spend at least two hours raking the front and back lawn, picking up the broken branches that got strewn around in the last ice storm and maybe get some decorative pots ready for some flowers.

Enjoy some of the warm sunshine, is what I wanted to do today.

But nooooo.

It’s transition season in Sport Parenting Land. The winter sports just finished (give or take – the girl is done, but the boy still has hockey try-outs and at least one tournament), and baseball is starting up with outdoor practices as of this week. The  game schedules were coming in every few minutes, then revisions, then emails about coordinating with other teams about things like photo days…ok. I’ll spare you. It gets a little complicated, or, as one of the dads who emailed me said, “it’s a gong show”.

I volunteer as a team manager and handle all the admin for one team, and assist on another. It takes many volunteers to run youth sports and I do my part. Scheduling using the Teamsnap app is perhaps a little time consuming at the beginning of the season but once it’s all entered into the system, it levels off a bit.

Point of my rambling? I’m definitely up to date for the next two weeks. The rest will have to wait. Which means I will spend at least a couple of hours outside puttering in the next few days and weeks.

And so my week has begun. How’s your Monday?




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