January weather in April? Let’s bake and eat cake

So I’ve been feeling under the weather…which is ironic given we’re stuck indoors while ice storms pellet us without remorse. What is this, January?


The kids’ baseball season is underway with some outdoor practices already scheduled. I was looking forward to sitting in a lawn chair watching the kids develop their skills, wrapped in a blanket, bag of sunflower seeds in hand to munch on. But noooooo….

Anyway it doesn’t matter. Feeling like I’m fighting something means naps are welcome and since we have no place to go at the moment, I’m doing some of that.

My guess is I’m suffering adrenal fatigue…I go through this every year around now and know what do do. Cutting caffeine is the first step – good thing I like alternate hot beverages to coffee…  ☕  I drink rooibos tea, and water mostly.

Unfortunately I have failed the carb reduced diet last week. This weekend was a write-off too; on Saturday I ate Easter chocolate, donuts 🍩 and had wine with steak and gnocchi for dinner.🍷

Sunday’s lunch was at a hockey banquet, end of season party, and the food was terrible. Standard kids’ fare: chicken fingers, fried food, icky looking pasta, a tiny plate of cut up vegetables that don’t come close to what I  put on the dinner table for just the four of us…

But it wasn’t about the food. It was about laser quest and arcade and speeches and bonding. Plus there was a bar. (Too bad I didn’t drink, but then again, it was barely  noon… 🙂 )

In other news….my 10yo child baked a cake. 🎂🍰 A lemon pound cake.

This cake:

As you can see, a fairly large piece of cake is missing. 😛  (I did have a piece too, but they had much larger ones…)So, I will re-set my health focus to next week again…maybe.

Let’s get through this winter-like weather, and then worry about diet.


6 thoughts on “January weather in April? Let’s bake and eat cake

  1. It rained. And rained. And rained some more here in the deep south on Saturday. I ate what I wanted and slept and read and watched Netflix with my kid. Yesterday, after 70 and 80 degree temps for weeks, it barely made it to 50 and is in the 30s today and I’m FAHREEZING just trying to get out of bed. This stupid thyroid makes the cool seem cold and then the hot flashes kick in……crazy. The weather. Me. All of it!

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