Hotdog day to end the carb-heavy weekend

Yesterday, I ate a hotdog.

This hotdog.

No, I was not at the ball park or at a baseball game where such food is available, and encouraged, to be consumed at inflated prices.

I was at home. I just got in from physio and grocery shopping, and I was starving.

I don’t normally eat hotdogs. But this particular package of wieners came from an ethical store who sources their meat products from an ethical farmer, yada yada and it takes less than 10 minutes to cook a hotdog and dump a bunch of condiments on a bun.

It was delicious, as far as hotdogs go.

So then I had another one. πŸ™„

The whole weekend was a write-off with food anyway. I don’t hold it against me, I know what to expect when it’s beyond my control (being out of the house all day, rink festivities to participate in, etc). But I feel it after three days of slacking off.

And besides, the Walking Dead stressed me out. So then I had wine, too. πŸ˜›

Newsflash: Low carb diet will resume Tuesday, my favorite day of the week.

11 thoughts on “Hotdog day to end the carb-heavy weekend

  1. I have started serving hot dogs for dinner every Wednesday, before Girl Guides – I’m usually super tense about the meeting and in a terrible rush so I wanted something quick and easy. And I’m surprised at how much I love them – I used to only make them for the kids and grab something else for me, but the last few weeks I had my own and man, hot dogs taste gooooood :).

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