Simple household repairs

Last week one of the kitchen halogen lights burnt out. These lights are recessed and flush with the ceiling, and illuminate the open space beautifully.

When they actually work.

The light was strategically situated above the stove.

I spend 50% of my time cooking or feeding the family so having that light flicker on and off, or turn off completely while in the middle of stirring my sauce, was annoying.

I mentioned this to my partner.

He didn’t know how to remove it or replace it but said he would look into it. His response didn’t look particularly convincing, probably partly because we were told that these types of lights have a very long lifespan (it hasn’t been that long…). Plus, this is his busy time at the college, so having access to proper lighting over the stove doesn’t currently rank on his priority list.

Which is fine.

But of course, because I am me, I let this continue to bother me.  I knew that chances were slim the light would get replaced any time soon, so I did what I needed to do: I tackled it myself.

The sick girl child on the couch gave me a weary look when she saw me climb on top of the step in front of the stove where I was at that moment cooking something on high heat.

(see above: I am me, this is what I do… 🙄 )

Then I had an idea. There was a whole row of these same lights running along the ceiling in my kitchen, including around the corner where the fridge is. There was a light directly above the fridge, too.

I climbed back down without fiddling with the light above the stove, and walked over to the fridge.

I opened the fridge. There was, just as I knew, light inside the fridge.

I looked up.

I do not need that light above there, I thought to myself. I have light inside the fridge.

Long story short, I ended up figuring out how to remove the stove light without it falling into my soup. Or burning myself.

Then I took the light above the fridge out, and inserted it into the spot above the stove.

Until I have a chance to go to Home Depot and replace the burnt out light, I will at least be able to continue to cook with adequate lighting.

Moral of the story? If you need something done, do it yourself. Also, #GirlPower.


12 thoughts on “Simple household repairs

  1. yep. even when there IS a man in the building, it still is just best to do it yourself. That way it gets done and it gets done right.

    no offense to you guys out there. But that has been my experience.

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  2. We have those lights in our kitchen – do yours have the wire spring clips holding them in place? I always replace ours, because I’m freakishly tall, and can reach the ceiling without a step-stool 🙂

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    1. So, adding to my list of what I know about you: freakishly tall. 🙂

      Yes they have those clips. It was hard to get them out of the ceiling and I had to use a step. I’m not tall (but not too short), 5’5″ so the step is not just for the kids but for me too to reach the top shelves.


  3. It is great you handled it yourself so you had light where you really needed it but (apology in advance) it does seem worthy of “girl power” when I suspect you handle bigger crisis all the time. If I told my wife every time I replaced a burnt out bulb, she would make fun of me. I think women handle bigger fish and you included every day but maybe just take it in stride. Is that ok to say?

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    1. I guess I wanted to pass this thing on to someone else, and not be bothered with yet another stupid thing that was more annoying than life-threatening. You’re right though, the girl power thing may have been for the 10yo watching nearby. The message being: Why wait for dad to do something (he said he would but I didn’t sense an urgency) when you can just do it yourself.

      Am I making sense?

      Anyway, it was blog fodder too. 🙂

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