Uneventfully eventful

Monday morning started off a little weird. It was a holiday so there was no school for the kids. Another day to sleep in sounded lovely after I finished watching the Walking Dead the night prior… That show always leaves me distracted. I can’t fall asleep immediately after, know what I mean?

While I was waiting for the episode to start on Sunday night I decided to dust the night tables in the bedroom, where I watch my show. I did a very thorough job because the next morning, not one, but both alarms went off at 6:35 am and 6:45 am. First mine on my side, then his clock radio on his side. I must have accidentally pushed some buttons while dusting…I didn’t realize it at the time, but once the show started and I got distracted by Negan on that trolley, I never bothered to verify the clocks’ state.

Anyway, that wasn’t a fun way to wake up. The second time was even worse as he just slapped his arm across me, not realizing it was the clock on HIS side that was making the noise this time…

Not a great way to start the day.

As a result, I needed three coffees to see me through the morning.

But, as promised, I was going to focus on my health this week and cut carbs. That was my intention, anyway.

I did well.

At first.

Mostly. 😉

To keep myself distracted from food, I purged the kids supplies they keep cluttered around the main floor. Paper, old homework, stickers, dried out markers…if I don’t get rid of stuff, it’ll start to look like a landfill in here. Or like Jadis’ stomping ground…(although not her bedroom. How very un-apocalyptic… and how does she get her sheets so white?)

But I digress.

Breakfast was poached eggs and ham from Easter. No toast. No bread. If I had some kale, or chard, or even parsley, that would have gone well with it.

I ate this late into the morning so I had no need for lunch.

About half an hour before my phyio appointment I talked myself into believing that the caramel with whip cream dessert my mom made for Easter was not a carb. So I ate it. 🙄

Technically I did not cheat. When I said I won’t eat carbs I meant bread, pasta, potatoes. That kind of thing.


I snacked on hazelnuts while the family was out, and later on some cucumber slices and bell peppers.

Eating fresh vegetables would be so much easier if the veggies are pre-washed and cut and ready to eat. (Note: kids can do this.) Having to prep the peppers (de-seed etc) while in a snacking mood wasn’t something I felt like doing and as a result felt distracted to snack on something that was ‘easier’. Gluten free crackers and hummus was easier…

I also had popcorn. Haven’t decided yet if I will count that as carbs.

Note to self: get veg cut up and ready to eat in containers in the fridge so I can snack at will and stay focused for the rest of the week.

I drank two liters of lemon water, and two rooibos teas.

By the time the day was going on the dinner hour, I simply pointed to whatever was left over in the fridge and told them to help themselves. They did, and two of them left for baseball practice.

The girl child crashed on the couch. She’s not hungry.

And then…

I had risotto.

My mom had packed some from Easter, full of asparagus and mushrooms. There wasn’t much left, just two tablespoons of it, so I had that for dinner with a piece of quinoa encrusted chicken.

Didn’t feel up for prepping more veggies.

I also had no wine. 😔

And the donut is still sitting there.

So is all the Easter chocolate.

And the bunny shaped breakfast bun, too. I put that in the freezer to have on the weekend, warmed up and dripping with butter and honey.


So first day of health focus?

Eating could be better. Exercise was…not bad. The purging kept me moving around all day, and I had a physio session which included weight training.

I’ll give myself 6 / 10 stars for the first day.


13 thoughts on “Uneventfully eventful

  1. I think you did very well! I love your definition of ‘not carbs’. I’ve been battling with my Easter chocolate big time. Negan in a trolley is my new favourite thing. Wasn’t it interesting seeing Jadis’ room? You get so used to everything being so rancid and old and spoiled her little room looked like a palace! What do you reckon is up with the helicopter?! And who got in the car!? Good luck with day 2!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hehe! I loved the Walking Dead inspired post! We are very big fans of the show at my house. I’m like you – what’s up with that pristine living quarters?!?! And who did Negan give a ride to?
    Anyway – 6 out of 10 isn’t bad at ALL for the day following a holiday AND being awakened in such an “alarming” manner (pun intended). I would have used that as my excuse to eat all the things, because, ya know, grumpiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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