Easter, and starting a new health focus

On Saturday while out getting regular food to see us through the weekend I picked up some Skiddles filled eggs to hide for the kids.

I did this because I’m an idiot. We need more sugar in this house like we need another hole in our heads.

But it’s Easter. The kids love tradition…

This tween and early teen age is interesting…the 10 year old is definitely still a child, but even the 13 year old still has one foot firmly planted in childhood. He is also big on tradition…grandma always did this when he was younger, why would she stop? That’s his thinking. And I get it.

I’m a 40+ year old daughter and still enjoy mom’s gifts to me. 🙂

But back to Easter. I knew they would be getting a lot of treats from both sides of the family, so I rationalized my Skiddles eggs as acceptable. They still love to look for Easter treats, so I hid them.

All 4 of them.

Yes I know, I’m a horrible mom. Thankfully we have family on both sides who took time to hide more than four eggs in their backyards. Both kids delighted in going out to find and collect plastic eggs filled with candy and coins for their baskets.

I haven’t decided yet whether I will allow them to gorge on the treats, or if I’m going to monitor their snacking.

Easter was a success, as it always is. Mainly because it was not held in our house. As usual, my mom hosted us for brunch which was amazing in every way, AND we all got gifted with baskets of treats. Then, we left with more food to take home – brunch leftovers. I don’t have to cook for the foreseeable future, I think.

❤  ❤  ❤

But then I walked by a mirror. 🙄

This is it. I’m starting a new health focus tomorrow.

This is what I’m calling it, instead of diet.

Will it work? Will it trick my mind into believing that I’m not actually on a diet but on a health kick?

I’ll tell you what I want to do:

I want to go completely carb free for a period of time. Say, two months.

This is neither practical nor doable at the moment, for a variety of reasons.

So I wonder if, instead of depriving myself, I simply adjust my plans somewhat. For example, instead of no carbs at all, restrict carbs Monday to Thursday and allow myself some over the weekend.

I know from experience that it takes about two days to overcome cravings. I think I can hold out for two days…it gets easier after that.

That’s the story I’m sticking to.

The problem with the carbs thing is that over the month of April we are involved in quite a bit of weekend festivities: a tournament with a pot luck, hockey banquet with food and drink, party atmosphere…I don’t want to set myself apart from all that. But I think a modified plan will help me get started, and hopefully, as the weather improves, I will automatically want less carbs, and increase my vegetable intake. Certainly salads are more pleasant to eat when it’s warm out as opposed to cold.

So that’s the plan. Cut the carbs, allow some on the weekend, and find a new way of moving around more. Starting with cleaning and purging this house.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go hide the Easter treats – I decided I will ration their sugar intake after all. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Easter, and starting a new health focus

  1. We only hid two Easter chicks. The remainder was left on the kitchen table (kids are 17 and 14 though). I think they would have liked a few more hid, but definitely not all.

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  2. Just enjoy the cheat days, but no back to back cheating days 😘

    Traditions like chocolate treats are more important than the calories, and like work we won’t be on our death bed be wishing we dieted (or worked) more.

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  3. LAUGHING AT THE FOUR EGGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wasn’t even going to hide eggs but like yours, my littlest said “But the Easter Bunny ALWAYS hides eggs!!”

    health focus – i like that. good luck! I do a lot better modifying things a little rather than making huge sweeping changes. I think when your life is so busy – it’s the only way.

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