How not to let small irritations get the better of you

This morning I opened a jam jar and it was empty.

Someone put the empty jam jar back in the fridge.


My challenge today is to de-program my brain to not let this set the tone for the rest of my day.

You know how it is: one thing irritates, then your brain is conditioned to notice other irritating things and before you notice, you’re halfway through a crappy day full of irritations.

Not gonna let that happen today.

There is power in mindfulness, but it takes practice to recognize it, to focus in on it.

I’m not good at it, but I’m better at it these days than in recent times.

For example, earlier I chose not to let the dilly-dallying children bother me, interrupt my coffee time. My job (pack their lunch) was done, their job (to get out) was not.

They know what the consequence is for later school arrivals.

I choose not to let the messy kitchen bother me, and marvel instead at the clean basement which I decluttered yesterday.

And, it’s Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!

How is your day going so far? Let’s help each other focus on positives today. 😉

7 thoughts on “How not to let small irritations get the better of you

  1. My world is filled with empty jam jars. I spent the greater part of this evening cleaning the fridge – throwing things away. It’s great fun, isn’t it (not) 🙂

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  2. At least it was empty. Usually someone puts a jam jar or even worse pickles or olives back in the fridge with the lid not quite on. And I have to admit, at least twice before we had the puppy I would leave the split mess and let the culprit deal with it after school/work.
    Excellent job avoiding making this a thing today!

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  3. Yesterday I went into both my daughters’ rooms to change their sheets and had to dig my way in and then back out again. I didn’t detail this in my post from yesterday but I actually ended up totally tidying up their entire rooms. I know I shouldn’t, I should make them do it, but now I can’t stop going into both of their rooms and doing a little happy dance and twirling around in all that gorgeous, gorgeous floor space. I’m sure they will be disasters again within a day, but for today, just today, i have Clean Kid Room Joy. WORTH IT.

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  4. Being able to overlook minor annoyances is a challenge for me but you’re exactly right – the more important point is not to let one negative thing set you up to notice several others. When I anger quickly, I usually move on quickly too. My BF thinks I should skip the anger over trivial things but if I don’t acknowledge it, then it builds to something not so trivial. My way works for me.

    And my favorite piece of advice to those who notice I’m irritated, don’t tell me I’m overreacting because that is pouring gas on the fire.

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    1. Yes! Overreacting to trivial things is my specialty, but I’m working on it. 🙂 You’re right, and as I’m sitting here I’m thinking I’m already on track just by having posted this to the blog. Will reward myself with another coffee, I think.

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