The art of stepping over the basket

We live in a bungalow. There is a basement which doubles our space in this tiny house. The kids’ rooms, rec room, home office and laundry room/kids bathroom are in the basement.

Late last year I bought a new laundry system. It’s one of those divider baskets, with three sections. I labeled two of them with the kids initials and directed them to deposit their laundry in their spot, even if they choose to shower upstairs.

This is mostly working.

Sometimes, at least one kid’s laundry ends up in the basket inside our bedroom closet (which is on the main floor of the bungalow), where us adults deposit our laundry.

Suffice to say, the basket in that closet gets full about twice a week.

When the basket is full, one adult in this house removes the it from the closet by simultaneously picking up the wayward laundry items and squishing them into the sides. Then, that same adult will take the basket to the laundry room downstairs.

If by chance that adult is not immediately going to the basement, the basket is strategically placed at the stairs.

There is no way for anyone to bypass that basket in order to step onto the stairs without moving the basket. You cannot go downstairs unless you kick the basket aside or pick it up and carry it someplace (ideally downstairs into the laundry room).

You know where I’m going with this, right?

The kids rooms, the video games and the home office are all down there. The hockey stuff too. There are three people who live in this house who descend these stairs three to five times more often than me.

Yet none of them know how to pick up the stupid basket on their way down. They have perfected the art of ignoring the basket even if they’re required to do a complicated gymnastic’s routine to step over it.

This is the only reason why I am thankful to not have a second story to deal with in this house. A two-story house has always been on my wish list, but alas, it was not meant to be.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise….

In the meantime, at least I’m getting a little more exercise with all the endless bending down and picking up and descending stairs and coming back up.


6 thoughts on “The art of stepping over the basket

  1. We have a two story house, and so we collect both stuff at the bottom of the upper-floor stairs that needs to go up, and stuff at the top of the basement stairs that needs to go down. My husband is THE KING of forcing people to take stuff up and down. If you go upstairs, you are expected to take anything that is YOURS with you. If you go downstairs, you are expected to take at least one thing from the pile and put it away.

    When the kids were little, he used to give them this fun-but-serious lecture EVERY TIME they went upstairs without taking their stuff. It’s like, five minutes long and runs on the theme of, “When you put something on the stairs, it is a SACRED CONTRACT, stating that you WILL take it up the VERY NEXT time you go up…” These days he only needs to pull out the phrase “sacred contract” and everyone giggles but then goes and takes their stuff and puts it away.

    It was a ton of work to get them to this point, though. I never would have had the patience or perseverance to actually make it happen. It was all on him!


  2. Omg…yes. My husband and I have purposefully left things in the pathway hoping someone will deal with it. Someone being one of our kids. Sometimes, said item has been known to stay exactly where it was left for over a week. Hope never leaves, but is always dashed.

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