The moody month of March (so far)

Cool March sun in birch tree

In the last few weeks we’ve received news that two immediate family members have cancer, and a brother of a close friend died of a heart attack. He was only a few years older than me.

Before that, a niece of my husband lost a close friend to a heart attack. He was in his early 40s, and leaves a wife and two young children behind.

Another close friend of mine has a mom who has been living with cancer for years, managing most of the time but then having a setback here and there, some serious enough to require hospitalization. There’s an ocean between the mother and the daughter (my friend), which makes it even more challenging. I often think about their circumstances.

And then I read a facebook post that a neighbour with kids the same age as mine lost her mom to Alzheimer’s just last week.

It’s all very preoccupying.

March has been a hard month so far. My mental stability is fragile. I know what to do to keep it all in balance but do I do it?


Instead, I eat carbs and sugar which makes me feel so much worse. Not to mention that my clothes don’t fit right anymore which means I have to go shopping.

Not a fan of clothes shopping. Also, there isn’t any leftover cash this month for that so I’ll wear yoga pants for the foreseeable future, I guess.

I’m foreseeing a change in diet coming up in the next weeks.

I long to get outside and putter in the garden, go for bike rides. Look at greenery, spring flowers.

But that time hasn’t come yet. The sun behind my birch tree out front does not give off much warmth. It’s deceiving, they way the weather beckons us to head outside. As soon as we do, we run back in to grab a hat, and an extra layer. Spring has definitely not arrived yet.

But, hockey season is over now give or take a few more skates to use up the ice, tryouts in April, and maybe a spring tournament in May. But May is far away, so I won’t worry about that now.

What I will worry about is finding some positivity to hang on to get me through the next few weeks.

There are two places where I can go to redirect some of the less happy thoughts that seem to take up so many of my brain cells lately:

Gratitude Saturdays and Grace in Small Things.

Gratitude Saturdays is a regular feature on Waking Up on the Wrong Side of 50 by LA, a lovely lady blogging from New York.

Grace in Small Things by fellow Canadian Elan Morgan has recently been moved to a facebook group. If you have a facebook account you can type in the name and request membership.

As for me and my not so happy thoughts…I guess I’ll stay busy. God knows there’s enough laundry to take the better part of the day, and there’s always food prep to keep me occupied. I mean, the fam damily has to eat every friggen day, right? 🙂

But first?

Coffee. Must have coffee.

How’s March been treating you? If you live in place where sunshine and warmth are prevalent, please, send some to us up here in Canada. We’re really ready for winter to move on now.

16 thoughts on “The moody month of March (so far)

  1. Sorry to hear of all the sad news but don’t beat yourself up in how you’re handling it. Sounds like you have a very full plate and if that plate happens to have sweet treats on it, then I say have a cookie or three.

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  2. So sorry to hear the news about your family and friends. Hope they are doing alright. I never know what to do or how to act when someone I know is really sick – what kind of help do they need? What kind of reassurance? Hope you are finding your own way, too.


  3. I’ve been reading various news stories about celebrities I have known since I was young that either have cancer, or have died. They were not much older than me. It makes you wonder about how you choose to spend your time, doesn’t it.

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  4. I believe we are given some crosses to bear and sometimes it is as if the Universe extracts a heavy payment from those whom much is given, if that makes sense. But both of us have had interesting and good lives….it just became a little more challenging since 2015.

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  5. Ha. I feel like this post came right out of my brain. It’s been a long winter filled with depression and carbs….probably too much wine. Tight pants and needing to lose weight. Knowing what I need to do, and yet not doing it. Cold, soggy days….sigh. bring on summer!

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  6. I feel your pain about March. We’ve had 2 dumps of snow in as many weeks here in the UK and we don’t cope well with it. Bare gardens look that bit worse when they eventually emerge from under the snow and everything looks dirty and shabby. Yesterday I ordered a stack of plants for the garden, as I’m determined it’s going to be warm enough for them notwithstanding what gloomy weather forecasters say. Hope it gets brighter and warmer for you soon.

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