Spring break: lack of motivation, a birthday, and a lot of couch sitting

I’m utterly unconcerned about the piles of crap all around me because it’s March Break here. This means no school for the kids, although my husband is still working. College Spring Break, aka Reading Week, was last week, so it didn’t coincide with the elementary school break this week.

Whatever. It’s not like we can get away what with hockey championships underway…

But it is spring break. Daylight savings time has sprung forward. We lost our precious hour of sleep. Spring is coming, I suppose…(Maybe not. There’s half an inch of fresh snow outside today.)

Usually, once the warmer weather arrives, I get into full-on spring-cleaning mode. Except, that day has not arrived yet. (See previous mention of snow.)

But I did feel a tiny itch to clean nonetheless. Just yesterday, when I was trying to put a cake into the cool garage, I tripped over an assorted accumulation of crap everyone left in my path. I half-halfheartedly started to declutter a bit. I even went so far to go back inside the house and ordered my minions off the couch and help me sort some of it. Which they did, somewhat under duress, but I’ll take it.

In the meantime however, I lounge on the couch more often than not, today especially. I feel less than motivated to deal with household clutter or laundry, and much more interested in random googling about the last Walking Dead episode. This is aptly called procrastination.

I am good at procrastination.

Today incidentally is my son’s 13th birthday.

I officially have a teenager in this house. πŸ™‚

I think I deserve to sit on this couch and ignore the chaos and clutter around me a little longer. And besides, we had family over for cake. And after they left, I ignored the clutter some more and came here to blog. Today, after all, is a little about me, too, isn’t it. My now teen-aged son is, after all, my first born.


2 thoughts on “Spring break: lack of motivation, a birthday, and a lot of couch sitting

  1. Welcome to teen parenting. I would get comfortable with some quiet googling time (a fellow walking dead fan, here!) because it’s a good way to get away and decompress from their frustrating little selves. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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