Typical sport family Saturday, and a new meal-time term

Remember this post? I was feeling tired and dispirited about the never-ending hockey and ringette my kids were involved in. That was back in January, still in the regular season. So almost three months ago.

Well, the season is not done yet. We are now in playoffs, thanks to a fantastic game last Tuesday night that knocked the first place team out of the runnings. And we keep winning!

Here’s a newsflash that won’t surprise anyone:


Today is Saturday, which for many people means something different from the regular work- or school days. Saturday is part of the weekend, it’s time to relax, regroup, do something fun and enjoyable…sleep in…

Saturday here means we’re probably going to the rink.

But I still slept in today.

My kids are older now so if I do want to sleep in when neither of them have to be somewhere during the morning hours, I can sleep in if I want. I did this today, but it was far from relaxing. I had missed a physio appointment for my shoulder/arm/back issue last week which meant I felt pain all night. Then, I had a massive headache brewing since yesterday. Sometime during the night I managed to stumble into the kitchen to get some pain medication, and noticed it was already after 6 am, but I went back to bed and somehow managed to fall back asleep until almost 10 am.

I must have needed it.

However, a brief check of the activity schedule today made me realize I better get going since both kids have a game today and we all have to leave by 4 pm.

How does one feed a family a proper pre-hockey meal when no one ate a real breakfast, no one feels like making lunch, but everyone knows that lack of proper nutrition prior to a highly competitive game like hockey or ringette could end you up hurt, or not in optimal form?

I can’t in good conscience send my kid to the rink for a playoff game on processed cereal and whatever junk he snuck into the house and seems to be forever snacking on. And the girl, if she could, would eat white carbs and sugar day and night. At least she likes to cook, and does help me.

So I decided to make a huge meal to be eaten at 1:30 pm-ish. What is that called, anyway? It’s either a late lunch, or an early dinner maybe….so lunner?

Lunch + Dinner = Lunner

I just invented a new term. 🙂

This is what we had for lunner:

Grass-fed, homemade beef meat patties

Potato gnocchi

The girl child wanted gnocchi along with the meat and she loves to cook those herself. She pops them into the boiling pot and then, when they rise to the top, she is absolutely delighted and fishes them out!

We decided to make a simple butter, olive oil, fresh garlic and lemon sauce, with a sprinkling of pepper and oregano.

Rainbow bell peppers – raw

No time or ingredients to make a salad, so this had to suffice.

Bonus – we have a bit of leftovers, which is great because tomorrow we all have to go to the rink again. And one kid out of town, about an hour and a half away…(surprise! blah.)

So now it’s almost 3 pm and I gotta make sure the kids’ equipment is all packed correctly, the cars have gas in them, and I know which location I’m driving to.

Wish us luck! For the boy it’s game 1 of the western finals, for the girl it’s a regular season game against a tough team. She’s missing three players and the goalie (it’s Spring Break here in Toronto, people went away) so she’ll get extra shifts. Both my little athletes will be tired tonight, no doubt. Maybe we’ll hang low and watch a movie later.

How are you spending your Saturday? And, more importantly, what are you eating today?

One thought on “Typical sport family Saturday, and a new meal-time term

  1. I know this world so well. We had a let-off today, with soccer pitches being unplayable after recent snow and rain. Tomorrow is rugby though, and both kids at different places – one doing training in the morning nearby, and the other playing a cup match in the afternoon about thirty miles away.

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