Beauty routines in your 40s

I’m a ‘less is more’ kind of girl when it comes to beauty.

I’m not a user of extensive products. I have my few items I like, sometimes I try new ones, but I don’t own drawers full of stuff to enhance external things. It’s quite simple really:

I take showers with moisturizing body washes or soaps, I use colour-treated shampoo and deep conditioners, and I use shavers.

When I get out of the shower I often let my hair dry by air, unless I have to go out and be someplace. I put a good moisturizer on my face, and some minimal make-up, even if I stay home. Since I entered my 40s I’ve started using a liquid make-up to even out the blemishes and acne scars from years ago, but before 40 I didn’t bother. I use eye-liner, and mascara, and only very occasionally a bit of lipstick. Usually just lip balm.

That’s it.

Clean, and minimal simplicity.

This doesn’t mean I use cheap products. I prefer quality and often am willing to pay (within reason) for a reputable product. Since I don’t use a lot of stuff I don’t worry too much about pricing when I do find a something I like, so there’s that. But I buy regular stuff at the local drug store or health food store, not high-end products in trendy places where people with too much time and deep pockets go. I got kids in sports here, there is no way I can afford to spend $80 on a thimble of eye moisturizer…

Now I’m in my late 40s and it appears that taking care of myself is taking more time.  My skin is much drier, and I have eczema (which is a whole other topic, but I was able to treat that with an adjustment in diet, not prescription lotions).

Then there is my hair.

Short version: My hair will be the end of me.

Until my early 40s I have not had too may issues other than a dislike for the constant frizz. My hair is thick and long-ish, shorter now that I’m older but not so short that the frizz turns me into a poodle. Pony tails are quick and easy, gel or some hair oil will smooth out the poodle-look, but that is not enough anymore.

My hair started to turn grey around 43 or 44, and my left side of my head is more grey than my right side. So I started colouring. I use both a box, and henna, but the henna takes much longer so the box is back.

The best part of the colouring is the conditioner that comes with the box. It makes my hair smooth, and given my natural frizzy state of my hair, smooth is good!

But. The older I get, the dryer my hair gets. (Like my skin, which is why I carry Shea Butter with me everywhere I go.) Then, the last time I was at the hair dresser, I was advised to use a hair mask.

Do it weekly, she recommended.

I’ve heard of face masks, but I have not heard of hair masks. (Yes, I live under a rock…)

So finally I purchased a hair mask product, after a long and detailed search. I found one that was not only affordable enough (but unfortunately not on sale) but made by a company that supported sustainable harvesting practices of herbs and flowers. I looked them up and they do work to help contain the deforestation in Africa, so I there was that.

The mask looks like a heavy cream, with a consistency of mayonnaise. I applied the mask to my dry hair, donned a shower cap, and had a regular shower. At the end of my shower, I rinsed off the mask and hoped for the best. (I only wash my hair every other day since  I don’t wear much product, and my hair is so dry.)

Immediately, I felt a difference. My hair felt soft, and not tangled or crunchy. I was looking forward to seeing what it looked and felt like when my hair was dry.

To aid the process, I didn’t blow dry my hair either. I simply let it air dry while I was puttering around the house. A couple of hours later I noticed my hair did in fact feel less dry and frizzy.

Perhaps this is a product I will continue to purchase and use a couple of times a week.

The only question that remains now is this: do I let myself go grey officially, or not? Will going grey help with the dryness?

Not so sure I’m ready just yet.

How do you deal with your hair and self-care? Are there surprises you’ve come across as you advance in age that you hadn’t considered?

11 thoughts on “Beauty routines in your 40s

  1. Routines are so much harder and more important the older we get! I find I need the more expensive hairdresser just because and I find myself watching enviously women with great color professionally done in their 40’s and 50’s wondering and thinking, I want that too. Living a healthy life does help.

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  2. I think that’s the saddest thing about getting older is the (unexpected for me anyways) effect on your hair. There’s no way I’m going grey yet and desire my lovely husband is a gorgeous silver fox at 44 and I know next to him I’ll look like a grey salt and pepper frizzy old mad woman. I love Aveda products and use them all the time. I am googling hair masks now as you made it sound so effective. I hate how your hair thins!! Thank God I live in an age where I can colour my hair and buy hair pieces!

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  3. I’m the same way. Very minimal. I have a face moisturizer that is anti-aging I buy from my friend. She makes all natural body products and everything in it is natural and can be pronounced! 🙂 I have fine, curly hair and so heavy products on my hair just make it hang lifeless, so I usually keep the hair products light. I don’t wear much make-up either. I feel like as a woman gets older, the more make-up she wears, the older she looks. This is just my own opinion, so I like to keep it light. 🙂

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