Kids sport tournaments

The annual ringette tournament is coming up this weekend, and my girl and I get to go on our own this year. The boys are in quarter finals hockey,  so their availability to join us looks sketchy.

The ringette tournament’s location is Niagara Falls, which in itself is a great location for such an event. The hotels downtown are conveniently located to many activities you can do on foot, including walk to overlook the beautiful falls. We can stand at one of the many look-out points and wave to America, right across the river. 🙂

There are other things to do if the weather is bad, either inside the hotel or within walking distance up the strip. For the most part however, the girls will likely huddle together and romp around between rooms, the hotel pool, and the meeting room or restaurant.

For me, it will  be a little mini vacation. The way the games are schedules are not too bad, with one mid-afternoon game on Friday and a reservation at the hotel restaurant for an early dinner afterwards. Imagine…I get to eat a meal I didn’t have to cook, sip a glass of wine in peace without having to plan and herd children to get ready for some activity, and share adult conversation with other adults.

The Saturday schedule is not bad either, with one exception: the first game of the day begins at 8 am. Yikes. This means a 7:45 am showtime at the rink, which is in another town, so probably a 20 minute driver.

But, chances are we’ll pass at least a couple of Tim Horton’s along the way. This is Canada, after all, and here in the province of Ontario, there is always a Tim’s near a rink. That’s just a given! Coffee will see us through the first game.

Immediately after the early game, we have brunch reservations. Another meal requiring no prep, not cleanup. Bliss!

After the second game later on Saturday we’ll return to the hotel and the girls can swim, have a pizza potluck dinner, and hang out. If we win enough games we’ll play in finals on Sunday, if not, then we’ll make our way back from Niagara Falls sometime after sleeping in. Not sure if this sleeping in will occur though, chances are my girl child will wake up at the first sound of giggling in the hallway and she’ll be off, slamming doors, laughing and talking, coming in, going out, running…

In some ways I’m really looking forward to this break. The end of hockey season is always so exhausting, a chance to break away from the routine is a welcome diversion for me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pack my bag.

Read up more on this sport, explained here: Ringette, a girl’s ice sport

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