Monitoring beverages

As I get older, my ability to drink beverages and then go out someplace that does not have a loo nearby is getting more challenging with every passing year.  So, longer dog walks, parks and playgrounds, even some baseball diamonds are out (unless they’re newer and have these facilities on the premises, which here in Toronto is not always the case).

Hiding in bushes is neither convenient (it’s February, all the branches are bare), nor desirable (I’m not a kid, or a man…) 🙄

Coffee, tea and water are the worst culprits. 

So this week, while dog sitting Molly, I have to severely restrict, and time, my coffee consumption in the morning. If for example I get up past my designated time because of laziness or any number of other excuses, I lose my window of opportunity to enjoy a proper cup of coffee before walking the dog. I need at least an hour of being home (near the loo) before leaving the house after coffee. (I drink water before coffee, just to wake up my sleepy cells, so it’s more like a double whammy of liquids.)

Yesterday I managed quite well. I woke up at my usual time, had a glass of water and a small cup of coffee an hour and a half prior to leaving with my girl and the dog, and was able to walk for a good 30 minutes halfway to school and home again. No Problem!

This morning, my alarm didn’t go off and I wasted half an hour of coffee opportunity. So after we left for our school walk, I was literally yearning for coffee (since I didn’t have today). I was singing this tune, evoking a silly smile on my daughter’s face:

🎶 🎵  🎶

I’m dreaming of a hot coffee
Just like the ones I used to have

When I got back I was really looking forward to my first hot beverage of the day. Except…the boy child was still home, but almost ready, so I figured I’ll walk him to his bus stop since I was already dressed with dog on leash. (He missed his bus, but another one was due 3 minutes later, and Molly and I got to return via the apple orchard, which was a plus for us!)

Then, I came home and had not one, but two lovely, hot, steaming cups of coffee.


There is something to be said about having a weak bladder, and mine got worse since the pregnancies. Not much I can do other than monitor my liquid intake. Which is unfortunate since as you get older, and your skin gets drier and less elastic, you need more, not less, water…

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll set two alarms. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Monitoring beverages

  1. You’ve just reminded me of the scene in the new Jumanji movie where the high-school girl that has been transformed into the middle-aged man is relieving herself/himself, and has her first experience of weeing as a man – “OMG THIS IS SO EASY!” lol

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