Putrid customer service

My daughter and I went to buy some materials at a Big Box Store the other day. She wants to adopt some guinea pigs and we’re building our own cage.

At the checkout, the lady cashier scanned in our stuff and then turned away to fiddle with some papers while I paid at the debit machine. Usually the cashier at that store is  a really friendly and chatty older woman, but it was a different woman this time.

I briefly contemplated where the chatty woman was. Then I turned my attention to my payment process.

Suddenly there was a really raunchy smell. Like someone farted. Only worse. Like a horse, or an elephant passed some major wind.

It engulfed the area and I briefly looked behind me to see if there was someone else standing behind me.

Nope. We were alone.

I glanced at my girl. She gave me a stare.

When the payment was approved and we pushed our cart outside, I turned to her and said:

“Did you smell that?”

“That wasn’t me.” she replied. I didn’t think it would have been, either, usually, in my experience, that kind of stench comes from…um…men. (sorry, men 😛 )

Must have been the cashier. 🙂

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