Tuesday happiness

Tuesday is usually my favorite day of the week.

This morning however started off not so good. Actually, the grief carried over from last night, but I’ll spare you the issues.

I’m determined to get my Tuesday back. I’m going to be happy today! Or, at least content.

I have reasons for happiness if I can let go the crappy stuff. Like these:

1. My son’s hockey team is in playoffs. The team is comprised of 75% of players who in the past three years have never made the playoffs with previous teams. My son has been lucky, he came from a team where he made playoffs for three years in a row. I am taking him to his game tonight to allow his dad to meet us at the rink instead of driving in gridlock traffic back and forth from work, home and the arena. Wish us luck! We’ve done well so far and are in an excellent position to advance to the second round! 😊

2. It’s warm! Actually the weather is rainy and ick, but having been frozen for weeks in the polar vortex I actually don’t mind the milder temps. I realize winter is not done and we will get more snow, but for now, I’ll take it. I just hope enough snow remains for my son’s school ski trip on Thursday. Apparently there’s flood warnings all over the area…

3. I don’t have to cook today. 🙂 Generally speaking I enjoy cooking. I love family meals and all that. But with hockey tonight, gymnastics for the other kid, and my partner not coming home for dinner, I’ll defrost something for the hockey kid and leave it at that.  My mom is coming to take the girl to gym, and then out for dinner, so they will have a grandma/grandchild date which both cherish. Which brings me back to my dinner dilemma: no cooking tonight! It’s a nice break to not be chained to the kitchen every single day, right?

So that’s my Tuesday today. I may head out to the grocery store and pop into a clothing store for a little retail therapy, see if the spring clothing helps keep the happy mood.

How’s your Tuesday going?

3 thoughts on “Tuesday happiness

  1. Good luck with the hockey! I know all about being a sports parent, and stressing out watching with the other parents. We often comment that it’s far more stressful than watching professional sports.

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  2. Tuesday is good so far! Gym, blog, reading blogs. Need to finish homework for writing class. Market which I don’t mind except it’s raining….another day. But I am listening to some pretty violin music….so there’s that….hope you’re all good!!

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