Middle age and deteriorating eye sight

Do you wear glasses? Are they by chance reading glasses?

I have a pair of reading glasses with an attractive frame that were fairly expensive . Their lenses are prescription and work with my distance contact lenses I wear all day.

I only put my readers on when I’m on the computer, when I read fine print, or if I need to see something clearer, up close.

I have no need for reading glasses when my contacts are out. I read my books in bed without my contacts in, and without reading glasses.

Here’s the thing.

Glasses are a pain in the wazoo.

I say this because all day, I’m constantly looking for my readers. Something like this:

Right now as I type this into my laptop, a sick kid is calling me from the couch. I take my glasses off, and leave them on the laptop.

She feels hot, I go get the thermometer, and read her ear. Fever.

I go back to the kitchen counter and look for the Tylenol.

Can’t read the fine print on the pill container. Does she need two, or two and a half pills? What was the weight the doctor told me she was at? I find my notes from before, but can’t read them. The print is too small.

I look for my glasses.

Right, I left them on the laptop. I go over to the other corner of the main floor and get them, wear them for reading of the pill container. Then I take them off again, lay them on the island counter while I dispense medicine, get a cup of water, tuck her back into the couch.

I look at the clock. It’s getting close to lunch. Better plan something to eat, other kid has hockey later. I start puttering around. The phone dings.

I swipe it to see who’s texting me. Can’t see, even with the font changed to large. Where are my glasses?

I turn around, look over to the laptop. Not there.

Oh wait, I had them earlier for the pills.

I go back to the island counter. There they are. I read my text, respond, take the glasses off, put them back on that counter.

It goes like this ALL DAY.

It’s worse when I also have to go out. I have a little green leather bag I wear around my body that fits just my phone and a pair of glasses. Maybe a debit card or a bit of cash. If I have no need to lug around my other bag with my wallet and all the other crap I usually carry with me in the big cranberry-coloured  shoulder bag, I just take that small bag.

The problem is always whether I remembered to put my reading glasses in either bag. Additionally, I would worry whether the glasses would have more wear and tear with the constant ‘put them on, take them off‘ and ‘take them out, put them back in the bag‘ kind of action. Because I don’t need to leave them on my face when not reading small print. In fact, wearing the glasses while my contact lenses are in distorts my distance vision.

In the end I went to the drug store and got a cheap pair of readers that don’t work quite as well as the prescription ones, but they work well enough for the quick reading of texts on my phone, or printed things like receipts or food labels. It’s the cheap pair I leave in my little green bag. The better, prescription readers stay home.

It’s somewhat of a solution. But it’s still cumbersome. And don’t even get me started about how dirty they get, and how wiping them down doesn’t always leave them smudge-free.

Who would have thought this could be fodder for a blog post? 😛

Now it’s your turn. Tell us your dilemmas with your glasses, if you wear them.

17 thoughts on “Middle age and deteriorating eye sight

  1. I so identify with this. You captured this challenge very effectively. I’ve taken to just hanging a cheap pair on the necklace I wear all the time. I get to the store and can’t read labels, can’t read menus and so on and so on. I get headaches also switching from the prescription glasses for the computer to regular readers. It’s a bummer. Thankfully, there are some good things about middle age, wisdom and not caring what others think as much come to mind first. Now, where are my readers… 🙂

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  2. My solution: give up contacts and just wear glasses with lineless bifocals. Leave the glasses on your face all day…you’ll be able to see everything all day long with no fuss, and never have to search for your readers again. Spend the money needed to have them be fashionable and feel comfortable. 🙂

    As an alternative, my mom wears a different contact in each eye…one is geared for distance and the other is a bifocal. Her brain has been able to make that work, but I failed miserably and got nothing but headaches. She swears by them though.

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    1. It may be an option one day but I’m so used to not wearing something on my face I’m not sure I want to go that route just yet. I love having contacts….maybe they make bifocal contacts nowadays? I may look into this. 😊


  3. Yep I have multifocals now , total pain , I’m leaving them on more and more – even got the ones that change from normal to sunglasses so I don’t have to take different pairs out with me , getting old sucks !!!

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  4. Totally me. I have 3 pairs of glasses:
    One pair for driving, walking, etc
    One pair of bifocals—Top isection is for computer & TV. Bottom section is for reading books, bottles, etc.
    One pair is prescription sunglasses.

    Next time bifocals will be separate so I’ll have 4 pairs. God help me.

    Hope your child is better soon!

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  5. I haven’t had my eyes tested for about five years – possibly longer. I really should. I’ve always been told that my eyes would go downhill at some point. I know I’m on borrowed time. I wonder what I would even look like with glasses ?

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    1. I’ve had glasses for distance since age 9 or 10, but contacts saved me fr?at University. Love them!The reading glasses thing started in my mid 40s, so not that long ago. But I feel a huge decrease in vision in the past year….

      It’s worth getting checked out. Eye strain can cause headaches. God knows I don’t need any more of those….😋

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