Exercising with brooms

About a week ago I started seeing a physio-therapist to help me deal with some muscle tension in my neck, right arm and upper back.

There are several therapists there who are helping me. They are very kind and supportive, and I can only hope that living with this constant chronic pain is coming to an end in the near future.

The one therapist there demonstrated stretching exercises I can do without any tools or equipment. I just need a counter, or a piece of wall to stand next to and stretch out my arm.

I hate exercising but I recognize how much is has helped me, so I dutifully completed my stretches all weekend. I did this on a wall facing the tv so I can distract myself with my embarrassing habit, or by watching some Olympic sports.

It’s a little less monotonous that way.

Today, they added a new one to my list.

This particular exercise involves holding something like a broom, or mop handle. Apparently I have to do a backward sweeping motion to stretch out part of the forearm.

Fine. I’ll exercise with a broom, I guess.

Later, when I got home, the first thing I noticed was how many crumbs are all over the floor. I live in a pigsty! Especially around the dining area there was a lot of mess.

Maybe we should get a dog again…

But then I realized, since I will be exercising with a broom several times a day, my floors will reap in the benefit. I won’t be able to help myself to not sweep after the exercises are complete…


Stay tuned to find out.


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