Sick days for mom

What I don’t need is another sick body on the couch.

Mine, this time.


I feel some symptoms but hope it’s just fatigue, maybe a little virus, not that nasty flu/strep combo that is making the rounds around here.

“The worst in 20 years I’ve seen as a GP”, my doctor said as he wrote prescriptions for the kids.

My kids have suffered from viral infections before, but never strep. That was a first for them.

Hope it’s not strep for me. I don’t have time to lie around on the couch all day, we’re in playoffs and there’s school hockey, there’s endless snow to shovel and a million other things going on…

Everyone know moms don’t get sick.

Let me rephrase that:

Everyone knows moms don’t take sick days.


But lucky for me, my man offered to take one kid to the faraway rink tomorrow so I only have to go to the much closer rink with the other kid. Lets me sleep in and everything. 😊

And I’m resting tonight while he’s out at, you guessed it, a rink with a kid.

Hopefully by tomorrow I’m back in regular, normal hockey-mom form.

3 thoughts on “Sick days for mom

  1. One day you’ll be watching that kid skate out across the TV screen though, and will think they don’t remember those times when you weren’t well – until they are interviewed at the end of a game, and thank you for it (that’s the daydream anyway lol)

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    1. One can dream…☺

      They just cancelled the far away game due to freezing rain. It hasn’t stopped snowing since Fri, so weather will be treacherous tomorrow….only one rink tomorrow instead of two, and a local one. 😉


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