The news is depressing, so we turn to comedy shows

Every time I attempt to start something, I get interrupted. Between schlepping the non-sick kid to the rink or school, and going to doctor’s office, drug store, and grocery stores, I basically read snippets and headlines, and that’s about it.

There is no time for anything else.


The internet is depressing. The politics in this country are also depressing and I don’t live in the USA…trust me, we have a lot of problems here in Canada as well, and the sooner people stop their swooning over certain politicians in this country the better.

The broken promises keep piling up. This time, a very eloquently spoken, disabled veteran has gone viral when he was speaking with our Prime Minister. He said:

“Canada is turning its back on me”.

I don’t often quote the Toronto Star but if even the Star is losing its love-affair attitude over our PM that’s gotta say something.

Here’s the National Post’s article: Trudeau under fire

Here’s the same story from an American perspective:

It’s all just so disillusioning. South of the border, I see and hear things about Trump and wonder, how much brain power does it take to sort it all out?

No wonder I tune into sitcoms or comedy shows more than anything else on tv. At least the stupid humour keeps a smile on my face. For the record, I like King of Queens in syndication, Black-ish (most of the time), the Goldbergs and sometimes the Middle. Even Big Bang Theory has episodes that make me laugh, and one of the kids like Young Sheldon which I’ve seen a couple of times now, and it looks clever. Funny, too.

On the Canadian front I actually quite like Schitt’s Creek, and Working Moms. I just started watching the last two, and feel more than just a little entertained by them. 🙂

Enough with the drama, eh?

Except for the Walking Dead. That show’s coming back soon, and I’ll have to tune in to see what’s happening in the apocalypse. Right, Middle-aged warrior?


Tell me, do you watch tv? What do you like to do to get away from all the depressing news?

9 thoughts on “The news is depressing, so we turn to comedy shows

  1. I just got Netflix so I’m catching up on all the things! As far as sitcoms, I’m watching Parks and Recreation. It’s a fantastic, ridiculous diversion from all things depressing. My daughter and I watch it as a “palette cleanser” after The Walking Dead, which she is just now getting into. I am so psyched for that to return in a couple of weeks!

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  2. I actually watch a lot less tv than I used to. “This is us”, “Big Bang theory” “modern Family”, “top chef”. Love Victoria and the crown. But very little I look forward to

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    1. We watch so much tv right now…blah. When the weather is nice out we tend to watch a lot less. But lately, and between rinks, all we want to do is crash on the couch and tune in.

      I haven’t gotten into This is Us. I saw one episode and like it but keep missing it…

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  3. Hell yeah! Can’t wait but I am really really not looking forward to seeing the loss of a certain someone. But I do need a bit more Daryl in my life so will be tuning in. I hear you on the comedy – you should get into some British comedy like ‘Catastrophe’ ‘Mum’ ‘fleabag’ ‘Green Wing’ ‘Black Books’ and ‘IT crowd’ can you get them in Canada? Also ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ always cheers me right up and that’s on Netflix.


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