Feeding the family casseroles: will they eat it?

You know how they want dinner every day, right?

It’s a good thing I enjoy cooking. I’m not afraid to try out recipes, or make up my own. Most of the time they will all eat at least some of my creations, so there’s that. The sheet pan chicken was a relative success a few weeks back.

I’m learning to love making (and eating) casseroles lately. Did you know they don’t all have to be pasta-based? Contrary to what my pasta-loving boy tells me, there are other foods one can make into casseroles…

Tonight’s casserole:

Lamb Potato Chard bake

Into an oven proof dish I layered some finely chopped Swiss chard.

On top I placed peeled, thinly sliced potatoes, sprinkled with all kinds of spices (Himalayan sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion flakes, smoked paprika).

The cooked ground lamb, tossed with a lot of fresh chopped garlic, and drenched in rosemary infused olive oil, got spread on top of the potatoes. Like so:

More potatoes and spices went on top of the meat, then I covered the dish with foil and shoved it into a 400° F oven.

Then we had to go to the mechanic to pick up the fixed car, leave our firstborn behind for payment, and return to this:

Turns out the mechanic preferred Canadian currency and not tweens, so the boy-child came back home with us to eat before hockey practice. 🙂

I served the meal with tzatziki (which is basically sour cream or greek yogurt with garlic and cucumber). And, I sprinkled fresh flat-leaf parsley I chopped on top of effect and nutrition.

Bon appetit.


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