Happy Tuesday, and a little auto-correct funny

Tuesday is a fantastic day for me. The entire clan will be out of the house! Time to crank up some Aerosmith and dance around the house…?

đŸŽ¶Â Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet EmooooooooootionnnnnÂ đŸŽ¶

Uh, nope.

Had to go to the rink – school hockey practice finished at 8 am. Kid needed a pickup, a shower, a snack and a ride to school.

And there was snow to shovel. Winter came back. The van was buried…

And both kids have stuff going on tonight, and my partner won’t be home for dinner or schlepping to activities, and we’re outa fruit…

But I’ve got this. I’m ON it.

And, it’s still Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!

Then, something funny happened when I typed out the band name ‘Aerosmith’ into the mobile WordPress app: the auto-correct changed it to ‘Seasoning’.

How does Seasoning come out of Aerosmith?

The internet is weird.


PS…a lovely lady in the UK nominated me for a blogging award…more on that later. 🙂

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