Price mark-up at the snack bar

The other day I was at an older rink that had iffy looking water fountains, dirty bathrooms, and a long line at the snack bar. I rooted through my bag and realized I forgot to bring my water bottle.

I finally make it to the counter and ask for a bottle of water.

“$2.90”, the guy said.


I can by a case of 12 at the local No Frills for $1.88.

The mark-up is insane.

If I’m on the ball at home, I try to bring stuff along for the non-playing sibling and myself. Or at least tell the double-digit aged kids to pack something themselves. I don’t want to waste money on snack bar stuff regularly. It adds up quickly and isn’t healthy, either.

This includes the times we go to the baseball diamonds, too. Any sport, or outing, really, should include packed drinks if you ask me. Why spend money on something like that? It adds up so quickly…and water from home in a reusable bottle is free.

Of course there will be exceptions at times. Fries or candy bars from the snack bar is part of it, in the grand scheme of things…occasionally. Or those icky looking slushies, especially in the summer at a ball game…they love those.

Do they know the meaning of the word occasionally? Maybe they simply don’t want to understand…

So me, aka hockey mom, gets to be the bad guy and make the statement ‘no junk today’. I say this often…but it doesn’t really register.

And, one kid has a job and his own money…

Sigh. šŸ™‚

Are you a sports family? A hockey parent?Ā  Do you take your kids to baseball or soccer, gymnastics or swim meets? Then you can probably identify with some of these topics.Ā Further reading abut our rink adventures:

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2 thoughts on “Price mark-up at the snack bar

  1. Soccer, Rugby, and Dance for both of our younger daughters. And yes – we make them take water bottles from home. We also make them take snacks from home to eat on the way home. Luckily Rugby clubs tend to be far more organised than soccer – with free hot food for the kids after the game in a clubhouse. A lot of the soccer fields are typically just patches of grass in the middle of nowhere.

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  2. Tennis mom forever, but soccer and softball also during elementary years. Difference is….we don’t usually have snack concessions except softball, and we had to take turns working snack bar….so….

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