And suddenly there was a baby in my life

Yesterday I had an infant sleeping in my arms for 45 minutes. 🙂

Those chubby fingers, the tiny feet in the little red socks with trucks on them, that round belly that sticks out so endearingly, and the curls that formed on his head in the heat of the pool’s observer lounge…all those things were very cute.

The dad of my daughter’s friend was stuck with all three kids by himself and wanted to take the 6yo into the water to teach her how to swim. His older girl wanted my daughter to swim with her which is why I ended up at the pool.

Everyone was in the water and I got to snuggle a baby.

And then my arm started to hurt a little. Babies don’t look heavy until they’re fast asleep and then the dead weight begins to weigh on you in ways that your old, tired body isn’t used to anymore. I shifted a little, then changed seats, and eventually picked the floor to sit on and had him lean against my chest, supporting him on both sides with my arms in case he suddenly moved, or twitched.

Remember how babies twitch in their sleep? I had forgotten this until yesterday.

He never woke up. The entire time his family was in the pool, with all the noise and splashes, he just kept sleeping.

He woke up literally five minutes before the lifeguards blew the whistle. But he didn’t turn around to see who was holding him. Babies are so trusting, they just assume that whomever they’re with, they’re safe and secure. And that’s exactly how it should be.

Once he woke up, he sat bolt upright and observed the action in the pool. Not once did he turn around to face me, to confirm that it was his mom who was holding on to him.

I just continued to hold him. Eventually his dad and the 6yo showed up and the baby smiled at him. Only then did he turn around to look at me.

But he didn’t look surprised. Or confused, either. He does know me although he knows my daughter better, and she and his older sister often came over to check on him while he was asleep, dripping pool water on his chubby baby body.

After the dad and the two younger ones left, I sat there pondering my reaction. Nope, I have no desire to go through that stage again. Not at all. Even if I wanted to it would be a physical impossibility what with all the crazy activity schedules we are involved in.

Babies during hockey playoff season? No thank you very much.

But if they need me to baby sit him again, I’d be more than willing.

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