Sheet pan suppers: will they eat it?

What’s for dinner?

Every day they want to eat. Long gone are the days where I popped a bag of popcorn, poured a glass of wine, and called it a night. 🙄

It seems everyone and their grandmother is talking about sheet pan suppers. There’s pictures galore on the internet, and I finally decided to jump on that bandwagon, too.

I checked the Pioneer Woman’s website and was inspired by her quick and easy ingredient choice in this recipe.

Using six fairly large chicken breasts, I cut some of the smaller pieces off for the second sheet pan (the smaller square one) which excluded garlic in the marinate (one member of my family has food sensitivities).

The trick is to marinate the meat a while before pouring it onto your sheet pan. Also, I used parchment paper which I am not sure is necessary.

Most of the family ate it. One kid didn’t like the green beans but doesn’t traditionally eat those anyway. The other found the balsamic a touch too strong. The adult male ate two portions (no surprise there).  The rice (jasmine) could be substituted by anything else (couscous, egg noodles, mashed or roasted potatoes).

There is enough leftover to add to soup (I have tomato soup from lunch) or chop into couscous or spinach salads. If my husband needs a quick sandwich for lunch and asks for some of the chicken sliced thin to use as sandwich filling, there’s another opportunity to use the leftovers.

With kids in school, and thermos lunches the preference, cooking extra for leftovers is standard procedure around here. I found this sheet pan dinner easy and quick to make, and will make something similar again, perhaps use orange or lemon juice instead of balsamic vinegar to appease the youngest palate as well. 🙂

What is your experience with sheet pan dinners? Do you marinate your meat first or can you skip that step? Anyone have any recipes to share?

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