Irks and irritations at big box store: adventures at Costco

If you read here then you know that going to Costco with my family is hazardous to my health.

Which doesn’t explain why I asked the husband (but not the kids) to join me this morning.

He said no, he had a prior engagement. Which is just as well because I wanted some alone time to think and reflect on my list and mentally prepare for playoff season while browsing that store.

But of course, I had to have an adventure. Albeit a minor one, but it still irritated me.

A while back a Costco coupon floated around facebook and other social media, Apparently it’s Costco’ s 41st birthday, and the coupon was worth $41. Help us celebrate our birthday, it said. Or something to that effect.

I’m usually weary about things like this but it took two seconds to print it. I took it with me.

I shopped. When I got to the checkout, I was temporarily irked by the cashier who rather rudely asked me for my card. I had my hands full unloading my cart and said “just a second, please” and she said “I have to keep the line moving”.

I looked behind me. There was literally one guy with a semi-full cart. I looked ahead of me, no second staff member to help load the items (like there usually is).

I looked around me. The store was not full, nor busy (this is Monday morning 20 minutes after opening).

My card was handy in my front pocket of my phone bag, so I gave it to her and continued unloading my cart. I placed the hard or heavy items on the belt first followed by the easily crushed ones later.

The cashier decided not to follow my logic and randomly picked up stuff off the belt. At one point, she dumped a six-pack of canned olives on top of the eggs. (I caught it just in time, so nothing happened.)

I gave her a look but she was rushing around like a maniac.

Given that the store was not busy I thought she was misplaced in acting so irresponsibly.

But I said nothing.

When she finished putting my stuff through, I looked at the pile and said:

“These four items are not mine.”

She had scanned in large packages of produce I had not picked out. The customer behind me said “they’re mine” and pointed to the divider on the belt.

The chick at the register actually huffed.


I’m a little beyond irked now. Sheesh.

Next I give her the coupon. She looks at it and says, pointedly: “We do not email people coupons like this, it’s a scam.”

I said: “It wasn’t an email”, and took the paper back. “I got it off social media from a Costco facebook page”.

She said to go talk to customer service.

Which I didn’t. Whatever. I can’t be bothered.

But the light at the end of the tunnel in this little anecdote of irks and irritations is that I spent way less than I anticipated.

Which means it was the right thing to do to leave the family at home. Because:

I’m good at Costco when I’m by myself.


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