About presidents, and politics

Every single day, media outlets both here in Canada and in the USA report something about American presidents: current one, past ones, future ones.

It’s entertaining and maddening and kind of exhausting, truth be told. There is a lot of drama in the political world these days…especially in America.

And then, Oprah made a speech.

And now, people apparently want her to be the next president of the United States.

Even Bunmi Laditan from HonestToddler had a whole thing in Twitter about her.

So here is what I think:

Oprah, who is incredibly gifted in connecting with people and a tremendously eloquent speaker, is a wearer of many hats. She is among other things:

  • a celebrity
  • an actress
  • a shrewd business woman
  • a brand

She has lived her entire adult life on her terms. She is in complete control of herself, her destiny, her business, or life.

She is also in her 60s. She has insights and maturity and knows just how to sell her brand to the masses. She is smart and clever and poised.

She knows herself well, at least from what I can see (or, more correctly, what the media wants me to see. I am after all a media consumer just like you are too.)

I think she has a great life, based on what is reported in social media everywhere.

What she is not is a politician. She has no political experience. (Doesn’t mean she shouldn’t run, I’m just remarking on the obvious.)

So here is my question:

Why would she even remotely entertain the idea of running for public office?*

In my view, the entire political system looks like a circus. Or a nightmare.

Power to those who will rise to the challenge for the greater good. It will be interesting to see who all will join the campaign trail leading into 2020.

In the meantime, we have our own issues. All the gushing over our own Prime Minister is not quite as persistent. He’s being heckled for obvious mistakes and errors, none of which he can dispute. I am not surprised and wondered all along how long it will take for some to ‘wake up’.

I also ask myself, given how the political climate has changed over the years, how all this melodrama will affect future voter turnout. Certainly, it could, and should, increase.

Will it? Here in Canada or south of the border?

Time will tell.

*Since starting this article, some negative comments have come out about Oprah, including newly formed hashtags like #SheKnew #SheKnewToo #OprahKnew (along with photos of her and Harvey Weinstein. Just reinforces to me that the drama promises to continue for the long haul).

One thought on “About presidents, and politics

  1. I agree – although I would swoon to have Oprah as president, I can’t for the life of me see what would be in it for her. Take on a huge job at this stage of life, where half the country is going to be constantly criticizing you? No thank you!

    I think she could use her power to promote candidates, though. She was absolutely instrumental in getting Obama chosen as the Democratic candidate before he was elected. I think she has enormous sway with Americans and since she rarely says anything political, when she endorses someone, it’s a big deal. I understand if she felt she couldn’t get behind Hillary but when Presidential elections come around again, I hope there is someone she *can* get behind, and then does so.

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