Quirks and oddities: running the household

Do you have some odd or quirky way of doing things in your household that some people think is weird?

My family often thinks that I’m odd and quirky. I used to think that I’m the only one, but it appears that this is simply not so. Some of the blogs I have discovered in the last few months proves this to me. There are women like me out there who agonize over things that don’t seem to preoccupy the general population but bother people like me.

So when this thing happened last night, I didn’t feel quite so odd anymore.

Allow me to elaborate:

We have a long bedroom closet with sliding mirrored doors. The first side is his side and the other side is mine. Each end has a row of shelves, one side for him, one for me. The middle is connected by a bar for hanging clothes on. The top part of the closet is one long shelf.

The top shelf on his side contains some of his clothes. He leaves the house for work requiring business attire which I do not since I work/don’t work from home. As a result, on my side the top shelf was empty so I placed our bath towels and bed sheets on there. We do not have a linen closet.

Here’s the thing:

My side of the closet is significantly more tidy looking than his.

I get annoyed by this but often suppress it (maybe not as quietly as the family might prefer) until the change of season occurs, at which point some form of rage overcomes me and I pull every single article of clothing off the shelves and hangers on his side of the closet. I do a massive purge, put some of it back in logical fashion, and then direct him to follow the logic. I say things like this to him:

Pjs go here.

Sweaters up there.

Do not mix your track pants with the pjs or sweaters, they have their own spot on the shelf here.

It works, for a time, and then a few weeks into the season he…loses it again. Things get mixed up and there’s no rhyme or reason to his system.

I don’t know what it is… I just leave his clean laundry in a pile on his side of the bed and let him put it someplace. Because I don’t know where he wants to put it since there is no logic to his system.


Last night, he was in the bedroom tinkering around with his clothes. I walked in with a basket of neatly folded, sorted by colour bath towels, bedsheets and a stack of pillow cases. I said:

“Since I have you here, can you put this stuff up on the high shelf in the closet?” (He’s 6 foot tall, I’m 5’5. I could do it myself but would have to go get the step. He doesn’t need the step.)

I handed him the first stack:  fitted and top bed sheets, folded in a long rectangle, just like so.

He took them and put them on the shelf…in the wrong direction.

Not perpendicular to the shelf, but facing the wrong way. Backwards, so to speak. With the untidy side facing forward.

Look. I know it’s anal and all that, but if I can’t reach for the sheets when I need them without digging around to get the right stack at the first reach, they might fall off the edge onto the floor and then I’ll have to re-fold the sheets and we all know how annoying that can be.

I’m not exactly Martha Stewart but I do like my closet to look tidy. And logical.

Same thing with the bath towels. The one colour belongs to him, the other to me. I like keeping the colours separate, so when I go to get a new towel I can just reach for mine and not have to dig around, risking the tower of folded towels to fall down.

This was going through my head while he reached for the next stack to put on the high shelf. As I stopped him and re-directed him to fix the bed sheets, and he rolled his eyes at me. (Big deal, I got two tweens here, roll away…)

Then I handed him the towels. He put them on the shelf the right way. 😂 But, the corners were loose and hanging over the edge and…it bothered me. I asked him to tuck them.

“Geezeseff”, he said. Or something to that effect.

He doesn’t get it. It doesn’t bother him, having things look disorganized or out of whack in some way. He shakes his head at the little quirks I have to keep things looking neat and tidy. But to me, it has become a necessity in order to keep may sanity intact. If I have to look for stuff I waste time away from the things I’d rather be doing, so why not make that little bit of effort to keep things orderly?

Likewise, the kids don’t understand either. Or they’re lazy and don’t want to take the extra 90 seconds to make something fit a certain way… I’ll spare you the examples.

It really is the menial, housework-y stuff that gets me down, and away from my passions like writing and focusing. Training (and re-training) the family to keep order has been a long road and, judging by what I read elsewhere in the blog world, my journey is far from done. 🙄

But it sure is entertaining to find out that hey, I’m not the only odd-ball in the blog world.

So, #solidarity, people like me. I hear you and I get you. You are not alone.


2 thoughts on “Quirks and oddities: running the household

  1. This is brilliant – you and my wife could be related. Who knew that towels (and cereal packets and shoes and tinned food and everything else) have a right and wrong way to face on a shelf… Everyday is a school day in our house – I obviously still have lots to learn.
    PS I am rolling my eyes in solidarity with your husband.

    Liked by 1 person

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